Where can I catch fish in Moreton Island?

Well there’s plenty fishing at Moreton Island, especially during their spawning run in the winter months. They cruise the Eastern Beach, rock headlands at the northern end of the Island and surf waters on the Western Beach, feeding mainly at daylight, sunset and all through the night.

What fish can you catch off Moreton Island?

From longtail tuna and kingfish just five hundred metres from the western shore, to beach fishing for tailor on the east, Moreton Island has it all. Bread and butter species, such as bream, flathead and dart are often overlooked as accessible target species on the western beaches.

Can you fish the wrecks Moreton Island?

Wreck Access Lures are ideal for targeting kingfish and trevally around The Wrecks. The author with Moreton Bay Professional Fishing Guide Pommy Dave Clayton, known as Pommy by everybody, displaying two surface lure caught bream taken from the northern end of the Tangalooma wrecks.

How far offshore is Moreton Island?

As a result the coastal waters offshore from Moreton Island extend to almost nine nautical miles from the shore at the widest part. Figure 1. Moreton Bay Marine Park in relation to Queensland coastal waters.

How do you get whiting in Moreton Bay?

Ten years of age is about the maximum age of sand whiting in Moreton Bay. When fishing for whiting keep it simple. Use a 6lb monofilament line and a very light rod. My preferred hooks are the chemically-sharpened Mustad Fine Worm or the Tru-Turn hook, both of which are commonly available.

Is fishing allowed at Tangalooma?

Fishing or netting is not permitted in the gazetted dolphin feeding area at any time. Shark fishing is not permitted (This includes Wobbegong Sharks) Lures with multiple hooks are not permitted to be used from the jetty due to danger to other guests on the jetty (Plastic baits are acceptable)

Can you drive your own boat to Moreton Island?

All vehicles must be registered and have a valid Moreton Island Recreation Area vehicle access permit (VAP). Fees apply. Drivers must be licensed and all Queensland road rules apply.

Is Moreton Bay offshore?

On Brisbane’s doorstep, the wide expanse of Moreton Bay, offshore reefs, its numerous islands, internationally significant wetlands, seagrass meadows and sandy beaches make this park a haven for wildlife and people.

Where can I find winter whiting in Moreton Bay?

Fishing is best with a good run in the tide and a drift does the trick, plenty of whiting a little further at the sand hills at Moreton all the way to shark spit, but in front of the small sand hill was the best. Plenty of whiting on the bite in Moreton Bay.

Are Whiting winter fish?

Whiting are at their most common in the autumn and winter although some areas such as North East England and parts of Scotland see whiting caught all year round.

Are there sharks at Moreton Island?

Many many people frollick in the waters on the bay side of Moreton ( where you will likely stay anyway) quite happily. There is very good snorkelling, watersports and dolphin feeding at night as well as calm clear water for you to enjoy. Sharks are seldom seen but tend to remain in deeper water.