Where are Lista cabinets made?

LISTA AT A GLANCE We make our products at three sites exclusively within Switzerland and Germany. International sales are conducted through our own branches and trained specialist trade partners. LISTA stands for superb quality across the entire value chain, in both production and services.

How do you unlock a Lista cabinet without a key?

Lost your keys or locked your keys in the cabinet? If you have a LISTA cabinet that has the one-drawer at a time feature, you can use a flat bar to trip the lock mechanism, remove a drawer and reach back to manually unlock the cabinet.

What is vidmar?

Vidmar is a US-based industrial storage company owned by Stanley Black & Decker, bought by Stanley Works in 1966.

Is lista the same as Vidmar?

2017. LISTA and Vidmar become Stanley Black & Decker Storage Solutions.

Where are Lista tool boxes made?

You can always rely on LISTA quality. Our products are made in Switzerland or Germany and shipped to customers through a broad distribution and service network.

How do you break into a locked metal filing cabinet?

To pick your filing cabinet lock, start by straightening out a paperclip and leaving one of the ends curved. Then, hold the paperclip vertically and insert the curved end into the keyhole, which will push down on the pins inside.

Who owns Vidmar?

the Stanley Black & Decker Storage Solutions group
solutions that grow with you With the broadest portfolio in the marketplace, Vidmar is part of the Stanley Black & Decker Storage Solutions group.

How do you move a Vidmar cabinet?

Cabinets equipped with pallet bases may easily be moved by fork lift or pallet jack. Caution must be taken to insure that forks of lift truck are fully inserted beneath the cabinet before lifting, in order to prevent accidental tipping due to an unbalanced load.