Where are cm flatbeds made?

Headquartered in Kingston, OK, CM Truck Beds is a household name in truck beds.

How heavy is a CM flatbed?

84″ width. 38″/40″/42″ curb to axle. Weight 740 lbs.

Are aluminum flatbeds worth it?

Overview. An aluminum truck bed is generally more expensive than a steel truck bed, although aluminum beds have tremendous benefits. Steel is generally strong enough but only with the burden of heavy weight. Aluminum is less subject to corrosion and therefore requires less maintenance, especially in salty environments.

How much do flatbeds for trucks cost?

What is this? Most new flatbed trucks can start as low as $30,000 and reach prices as high as $80,000. It’s a wide range, we know, as it encompasses various sizes and feature options of new flatbeds. Additionally, a combination of multiple features and heavy duty abilities can take the price into six figures.

Can I turn my truck into a flatbed?

Converting a truck to a flatbed often requires the removal of the existing barriers around the back of the vehicle. Then, you can either reuse the existing bed from the vehicle or make a new one.

Can you make any truck a flatbed?

A flat bed truck is a very useful item on a ranch or small farm. It’s a lot easier to load and unload when you have to haul hay or straw, grain or feed sacks. If you have a regular bed truck, you can convert it into a flat bed with a little bit of effort.

How heavy is a steel flat bed?

How much does a steel pickup flatbed weigh? A steel pickup flatbed truck generally weighs up to 40% more than the other flatbed of the same strength. So, where a flatbed truck may weigh 1,000 lbs., a steel pickup flatbed truck of the same strength will weigh about 1,400 lbs.

Can you paint aluminum flatbed?

Just paint it flat or matte black, then whenever it gets scratched or dinged up you can just spray and walk away.

What kind of cab and chassis will the cm fit?

Our diverse lineup will fit almost any cab and chassis or take-off body unit. The sleek SS—CM’s price-leading model—comes equipped with a best-in-class tubular steel headache rack, smooth side rails, and a solid one-piece rear skirt.

What is consolidated Chassis Management?

Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) was formed in 2005 addressing industry needs to develop a more efficient model for operating chassis. Learn more about the Interoperable Chassis Pool Model and how it enhances supply chain efficiencies. What we do at CCM?

Why join the CCM chassis pool?

By joining the pool directly you will become part of the CCM Membership. Membership is available to a broad range of intermodal industry participants and other entities that wish to contribute and use pool chassis.

Is the TMX a good single wheel chassis?

Featuring an opossum belly, work light, a tall rear toolbox and a 48” wide deck, the TMX is great for single wheel chassis. [ New excerpt goes here.