Where are Badland winches manufactured?

The Badland will be made in China using parts sourced horribly. If you are going to go cheap and Chinese consider running a Smittybilt winch.

Are Badlands winches waterproof?

The Badlands 2500 is not waterproof. It is rated as resistant to water splash. The only badlands atv winch rated to be submerged is the 3500. As long as you can manage a clear path for the cable to reach the plow, it don’t see why mounting on the rack wouldn’t work.

How much is a 2500 ATV winch?

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What winches are made in the USA?

WARN Industries: Made in America Winches that Can Pull You Through.

Is warn Made in USA?

Warn’s non-VR winches are assembled in Oregon with some globally sourced parts. They continue to manufacture substantial parts of their winches at the Oregon factory, like machining cases and gears. The Warn VR line is fully made in China.

How wide is Badlands winch?

Badland Winch Specs

Badland Winch Specs
Cable: 0.375-inch diameter, 100 feet
Cable nominal strength: 14,400 pounds
Dimensions: 20.9 x 6.4 x 8.3 in
Mounting Pattern: 10.0 x 4.5 in

What size winch do I need?

To figure how much winch your vehicle needs, add at least 30 percent to the working GVW. Say, for example, your working GVW comes to 6,700 pounds. That means you should be looking for a winch that will provide at least 8,000 pounds of working load capacity.

What ATV winches are made in the USA?