When did Myolie Wu get married?

December 28, 2015 (Philip Lee)Myolie Wu / Wedding date

Who is Myolie Wu husband?

Philip LeeMyolie Wu / Husband (m. 2015)

Is Philip Lee married?

Myolie WuPhilip Lee / Spouse (m. 2015)Myolie Wu Hang-yee is a Hong Kong actress and singer. Born in Hong Kong with Guangdong Taishan ancestry, she is signed under for the Hong Kong TVB television station and a singer under contracts with Neway Star. Wikipedia

Why did Myolie and Bosco split?

“Been together with Myolie for so long, and now we’ve split up, it’s definitely upsetting.” According to celebrity website jaynestars, Bosco is a serial flirt with his co-stars and that the pair had grown increasingly distant after spending time apart due to filming schedules.

How old is Philip Lee Myolie Wu husband?

On Monday (Aug 9), businessman Philip Lee, 45, who is married to Hongkong actress Myolie Wu, 41, shared several super cute snaps of their two older sons, three-year-old Brendan and two-year-old Ryan, playing together on a rainy day in their little raincoats.

How old is Myolie Wu?

42 years (November 6, 1979)Myolie Wu / Age

Who is Linda Chung husband?

Jeremy LeungLinda Chung / Husband (m. 2015)

Is Ron Ng still with TVB?

In 2015, after 17 years at TVB, Ng decided to not renew his management contract with TVB, hoping to have more opportunities outside of Hong Kong. His last TVB drama was Lord of Shanghai, in which Ng portrays a cunning lawyer.

When did Myolie and Bosco break up?

While she was at TVB, Myolie dated fellow actor Bosco Wong for eight years, and tearfully announced their breakup in 2012.

Who is Linda Chung?

Linda Chung Ka-yan (Chinese: 鍾嘉欣; pinyin: Zhōng Jiāxīn; born on 9 April 1984) is a Chinese-Canadian actress, singer and songwriter. She signed a long-term contract with TVB in 2004 after winning the Miss Chinese International. Chung was always Non-official Best Actress during the years in TVB.