What zones should I level in TBC?

Leveling Zones 1-70

  • (1-10) Azuremyst Isle, Dun Morogh, Elwynn Forest, Teldrassil.
  • (10-20) Bloodmyst Isle, Darkshore, Loch Modan, Westfall.
  • (20-25) Ashenvale, Redridge Mountains, Stonetalon Mountains.
  • (25-30) Duskwood, Hillsbrad Foothills, Wetlands.
  • (30-35) Stranglethorn Vale (North), Thousand Needles.

Where can I grind in TBC?

Dungeon grinding can be an incredibly efficient source of experience in TBC Classic….Pathing

  • Hellfire Ramparts from Level 60 to 61;
  • The Blood Furnace from Level 61 to 62;
  • The Slave Pens from Level 62 to 65;
  • Mana Tombs from Level 65 to 66;
  • Sethekk Halls from Levels 66 to 69.
  • Shadow Labyrinth from Level 69 to 70.

What is the fastest way to level in TBC?

WoW TBC Classic fast level tips

  1. Complete quests…
  2. … but pay attention to colours in your quest log.
  3. Let professions give you a helping hand.
  4. Group up for an easier time.
  5. Speaking of groups, do dungeons.
  6. Set your hearthstone to save time.
  7. Kill enemies between quests.
  8. Don’t forget rested experience.

Does leveling get easier in TBC?

They reduce the exp required to level and questing gets VASTLY improved with TBC. There are more quests, they give more exp and better rewards. You can quest from 1-60 in TBC in a fraction of the time it takes in Vanilla, and its generally a more pleasant experience besides.

How long does it take to level to 60 in TBC?

Whereas it takes just over three million total XP to get from one to 60, it takes about 6.5 million XP to level from 60 to 70. In short, prepare for a lengthy journey that could take a very long time.

How long does 70 TBC take?

On average, it can take anywhere between two to three days of game time to get from 60 to 70—and that’s if you don’t take any breaks or leave your character AFK in a major city. In total—assuming you spend all your time playing Classic WoW leveling—it will take you about eight days played to reach level 70.

Is TBC leveling faster than classic?

TBC leveling is basically 1/3rd faster than Vanilla, but you’re still going to have those RNG battles with fetch quests. That being said, it’s widely considered their best expansion (usually tied with Wrath), so it’ll be worth it. TBC reduces EXP requirements by 30%, between levels 20 and 60 IIRC.

How long does it take to level 1 60 TBC?

Is Leveling faster in TBC than classic?