What were the reasons Australia decided to federate?

By the 1880s the inefficiency of this system, a growing unity among colonists and a belief that a national government was needed to deal with issues such as trade, defence and immigration saw popular support for Federation grow.

Why did Western Australia agree to Federation?

In communities around the eastern goldfields and the port of Albany, many people were strongly in favour of Federation and believed that their rights and interests would be better protected under a federal system.

What were the benefits of Federation in Australia?


  • The trade between states will be free of charge.
  • Transportation would be free from state to state.
  • National combined military defense unit will be much stronger than each state having their own defense unit.
  • Laws would be more enforced in every state.

Did South Australia want Federation?

Although they disagreed about some of the details they wanted to see in the Federal Constitution, politicians from both sides of South Australian politics supported Federation. With this political leadership, the people of South Australia strongly supported Federation in the two referendums, in 1898 and 1899.

Why did NSW want Federation?

Many people in the oldest colony believed that the colonies should unite to form a Commonwealth of Australia. New South Wales’ politicians, especially Henry Parkes, argued that Federation would make each colony and the country as a whole stronger.

Why did Henry Parkes want Federation?

Parkes argued that federation would enable the military in each colony to unite as a single national army under the command of a single national government. The Tenterfield Oration is significant because it is seen as the first direct appeal to the public rather than to a political audience for federation.

Was WA for or against Federation?

On 31 July 1900, Western Australia became the final Australian colony to vote for Federation. An overwhelming majority of voters were in favour of union with the eastern colonies.

Why do we need a Federation?

The main purpose of the Federation is to assist its members in protecting the legitimate social, economic, creative, national, cultural and other rights and interests of members of the Federation.

What were the arguments for and against Federation?

Arguments against Federation Federation would be expensive to achieve and a federated country would be expensive to run. The colonies had different policies about immigration, trade and other matters. Customs duties protected factories in the smaller colonies from goods made in factories in the larger colonies.

Why was Federation a good idea?

Federation as a Defining Moment Federation was a remarkable political achievement. Colonies had jostled to protect their interests. New South Wales had competed with Victoria for influence, and the smaller colonies had feared their interests would be ignored by the larger colonies.

What was Henry Parkes view on Federation?

Parkes advocates for a federal council The colonies were competitive and largely concerned with their own affairs. Federation was not a pressing issue. Parkes was still relatively new to politics in the 1860s, but he nonetheless became a tireless crusader for his idea of a colonial union.