What was the Mustang in Drive movie?

2011 Ford Mustang GT
One of the vehicular stars of the movie “Drive” is a 2011 Ford Mustang GT. Was there anything special under the hood? “No, it was just a regular Mustang GT,” said Darrin Prescott, the movie’s stunt coordinator. “Just one of the cars Ford sent us for the movie.

What car was used in the movie Drive?

1973 Chevrolet Malibu
Although many stunt drivers are credited, Gosling did some stunts himself, after completing a stunt driving car crash course. During the production, Gosling re-built the 1973 Chevrolet Malibu used in the film, taking it apart and putting it back together.

What year is the Mustang in Drive?

The 1968 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT driven by Steve McQueen in Hollywood’s legendary action film of the same name emerged to international celebration after being hidden in a family’s garage for 40 years.

What kind of car does Ryan Gosling Drive In Drive?

1973 Chevy Malibu
In preparation for his role, Ryan Gosling restored the 1973 Chevy Malibu that his character uses in the film.

What year is the Malibu from Drive?

Ryan Gosling rebuilt the junkyard 1973 Chevrolet Malibu that his character drove in the 2011 film Drive. The 1973 Malibu wasn’t much to look at with its primer-gray exterior. However, the car’s rough and subtle presence and powerful capability are an automotive mirror of Gosling’s character.

How much did Steve McQueen’s Mustang sell for?

$3.74 Million
Ford Mustang Driven by Steve McQueen in ‘Bullitt’ Sells for $3.74 Million. The Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang GT featured in the film “Bullitt” was sold Friday at a Florida auction house for $3.74 million.

What is a Chevelle car?

The Chevrolet Chevelle is a mid-sized automobile that was produced by Chevrolet in three generations for the 1964 through 1978 model years. Part of the General Motors (GM) A-body platform, the Chevelle was one of Chevrolet’s most successful nameplates.

What is a Ford Torino?

The Ford Torino is an automobile that was produced by Ford for the North American market between 1968 and 1976. It was a competitor in the intermediate market segment. The car was named after the city of Turin (Torino, in Italian), considered “the Italian Detroit”.