What was the Klondike region called?

The Klondike Gold Rush was a migration by an estimated 100,000 prospectors to the Klondike region of Yukon, in north-western Canada, between 1896 and 1899.

Is the Klondike in the US or Canada?

In August, 1896, Skookum Jim and his family found gold near the Klondike River in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Their discovery sparked one of the most frantic gold rushes in history.

Why do they call it a Klondike?

Although the Klondike® Bar has its roots in America, its name rings Canadian. It’s rumoured that the bar was named after the Klondike River in Canada’s west central Yukon Territory, which was the famous site of the 1890s Gold Rush.

Where was the gold rush in Canada?

western Yukon territory
Klondike gold rush, Canadian gold rush of the late 1890s. Gold was discovered on Aug. 17, 1896, near the confluence of the Klondike and Yukon rivers in western Yukon territory.

Where is Yukon Gold filmed?

Yukon Gold (TV series)

Yukon Gold
Production locations Klondike region, Yukon (Seasons 1 – 5) Atlin Mining District, Atlin, British Columbia (Season 4) Cassiar Country, British Columbia (Season 1)
Cinematography Simon Schneider
Running time 60 minutes
Production companies Paperny Entertainment (Entertainment One)

What is the difference between the Yukon and the Klondike?

The Klondike (/ˈklɒndaɪk/) is a region of the territory of Yukon, in northwestern Canada. It lies around the Klondike River, a small river that enters the Yukon River from the east at Dawson City.

How cold does it get in the Klondike?

The story of the Klondiker who boiled his boots to drink the broth was widely reported, and may well have been true. Cold was another serious problem along the trail. Winter temperatures in the mountains of northern British Columbia and the Yukon were normally -20 degrees F., and temperatures of -50 degrees F.

How much does a gold miner make in the Yukon?

The average pay for a Miner is $57,581 a year and $28 an hour in Yukon Territory, Canada. The average salary range for a Miner is between $42,703 and $69,942.