What was the Ickey Woods Shuffle?

It’s largely a simple dance: Woods shuffled to the right and held the football to the same side, then shuffled and held the ball out to his left, before finishing with three hops to the right and spiking the ball into the ground.

When did Ickey Woods do the Ickey Shuffle?

During the 1988 season, the Cincinnati Bengals running back Elbert “Ickey” Woods invented one of the most beloved touchdown celebrations: the “Ickey Shuffle.”

Who did the Ickey Shuffle for the Cincinnati Bengals?

Bengals tight end C.J. Uzomah scored against the Las Vegas Raiders. Uzomah, who was born four years after Woods became an instant NFL phenomenon with the Bengals, broke into the “Ickey Shuffle.” Every NFL fan of a certain age — not just Bengals fans — instantly knew what Uzomah was doing and had a nice flashback.

Who invented the Ickey Shuffle?

Ickey Woods
Ickey Woods, a former Cincinnati Bengals running back, invented one of the most popular end zone dances of all time: “The Ickey Shuffle.” In 1988, Woods’ rookie season in which he scored 15 touchdowns and led the NFL with 5.3 yards per carry, Cincinnati went 12-4 and advanced to the Super Bowl.

What team did Ickey Woods play for in the NFL?

the Bengals
Woods was drafted by the Bengals as a running back/fullback in the second round of the 1988 draft. He infamously lost rookie of the year, but he helped Cincinnati to a Super Bowl appearance against the San Francisco 49ers.

Is Tiger Woods’ ‘Ickey Shuffle’ still relevant?

Although it’s been nearly three decades since he first danced in the end zone at Riverfront Stadium, Woods’ “Ickey Shuffle” is still relevant today, thanks to a recent GEICO commercial in which he spikes deli cold cuts. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would still be paying me today,” he says, shaking his head.

What is the Ickey Shuffle?

The “Ickey Shuffle” has also been adopted as the name for a common speed and agility drill that utilizes a similar kind of lateral rhythmic stepping, somewhat derivative of the famous dance itself.

Did Robin Scherbatsky do the Ickey Shuffle?

In the scene, Barney Stinson offers Robin Scherbatsky a thousand dollars to do the Ickey Shuffle during a live broadcast of her reporting the news while reciting a script stating that the Bengals made a mistake cutting Woods in 1991 and that the impressive statistics he bolstered for the team will be remembered.

How did Ickey Woods contribute to Bengals’run game?

The tough ground game became the Bengals’ identity that season thanks to an unlikely source-fullback Ickey Woods. Woods was the team’s leading rusher with 203 carries for 1,066 yards and an NFL-best 15 touchdowns, while starting in just 10 games.