What type of font was used in the 1800s?

Didone (aka Modern) – 1800s Fonts from the 18th century that took the type design trends to the max were known as Didone or Modern. These typefaces have extreme contrast with broad strokes reducing to thin hairlines, along with unbracketed serifs that abruptly change from thick to thin without a transitional curve.

What was the purpose of the typeface Rockwell?

Because of its monoweighted stroke, Rockwell is used primarily for display or at small sizes rather than as a body text. Rockwell is based on an earlier, more condensed slab serif design cast by the Inland Type Foundry called Litho Antique.

Who designed the first three dimensional typeface?

Kashida-arabic and Kashida-latin are the two versions of the three-dimensional font, developed by Yara Khoury and Melle Hammer in collaboration with Freedom Of Creation and upon invitation by the Khatt foundation for Arabic typography and design research.

What font did they use in the 1700?

On Fonts. Practically all American and English printing from 1735 to 1800 was done using the Caslon font. This font was created by William Caslon (1692-1766), sometime around 1722 [2].

What font was used in 1880?

The most popular font released in 1880 was Angel, designed by August Will and Dan X. Solo.

What fonts were used in the 1880s?


  • Akzidenz-Grotesk (307)
  • Benton Sans (83)
  • Brandon Grotesque (85)
  • LL Brown (76)
  • Cooper Black (207)
  • Courier (44)
  • Davida (76)
  • FF DIN (112)

What are the unique features of the typeface Rockwell?

Rockwell is a distinctive version of a geometric slab serif design, which has retained its popularity since its appearance in the 1930s. When it was released, Rockwell had several unique characteristics, including differences in spacing, letter weight and subtle changes in glyph formation.

Is Rockwell a modern font?

A little bit retro and a bit modern, Rockwell is great for logos, editorial or web design. The unique sharp serifs mixed with thin strokes give off a bold mid century architectural vibe.

What Fonts were used in the 1600s?

1600s Fonts

  • 1600s.
  • text.
  • ancient.
  • 17th century.
  • slab serif.
  • serif.
  • wedge serif.
  • rough.

What is a Victorian font?

Victorian Parlor It is a traditional victorian decoration typeface based on clean looks and ink textured. Containing 350 glyphs of clean looks and 350 glyphs of Ink textured.