What suo moto means?

on its own motion
Suo Moto, meaning “on its own motion” is an Indian legal term, approximately equivalent to the English term SuaSponte. The basic principle of the RTI Act is the idea that the individual national.

What does ψ mean in Japanese?

Ψ {noun} psi. 超能力 {noun} psi (also: ESP)

What is Poco in Japanese?

ポーコ POOKO. adverb: poco ; a little; somewhat – Music term – From Italian.

How do you use suo moto in a sentence?

For example, it is used where a government agency acts on its own cognizance, as in “the Commission took suo motu control over the matter.” Example – “there is no requirement that a court suo motu instruct a jury upon these defenses.” State v. Pierson.

What do suo mean?

: in his/her own right —used especially following the title of a noblewoman to specify that she holds the title independently of her husband.

Is it suo motu or suo moto?

‘Suo motu’ is a Latin term which means ‘on its own motion’. When the Court takes suo moto cognisance of an issue, it institutes a case on its own accord by taking cognisance of a public issue. At times, the Court’s suo motu actions will be based on letter petition, media reports etc.

What does Poco mean in Chinese?

few; less; to lack; to be missing; to stop (doing something); seldom. 稍 shào. see 稍息

Is it Suo Motu or suo moto?

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What does suo moto mean?

Suo Moto or Suo Sponte means of its own accord. Any authority, usually a judicial authority or an authority exercising judicial or quasi judicial powers takes cognisance (initiates judicial proceedings) of a matter without a formal prompting from another party.

What is suo motu in law?

suo motu. Suo motu, meaning “on its own motion,” is a Latin legal term, approximately equivalent to the term sua sponte.

What is suo moto decision of 2013?

He also authored the ” suo moto ” decision on the protection of minorities and freedom of religion after the Peshawar church attack in 2013, widely held as the broadest interpretation of religious freedom laws in Pakistan’s history. On July 14, the then Rajasthan High Court Judge Bela M .

What is suo moto action of Ombudsman?

Ombudsman can even register cases suo moto if instances of the above kind come to his notice. A court takes ” suo moto ” action, meaning it starts a legal process on its own. He first convened a meeting and then deferred it . . . Then he came up with the verdict suo moto,