What strings does Rob Caggiano use?

Rob Caggiano’s Gear Caggiano strings his ESPs with D’Addario EXL140 . 010–. 052 sets. Two 100-watt Fryette Sig:X heads are at the heart of Caggiano’s onstage sound.

What amps do Anthrax use?

Rob uses his signature ESP guitar, completely stock, and travels with just one backup. Scott Ian uses his Randall signature modular amp, which is no longer in production. It has three modular channels which he cutsom designed.

What tuning does volbeat use?

Most of them are in D standard, while some are in standard tuning. Most songs from the second album, and I believe from the first as well, are in Drop D.

What pedals does Scott Ian use?

Ian’s amp setup was also very simple: ’82 Marshall JCM 800s with a TC Electronic Booster Distortion pedal that he only used as a boost to drive distortion on the amp. Benante used the same model TC Booster when playing and writing new songs, as well.

What guitar does Michael Poulsen use?

Poulsen primarily plays Gibson SG guitars. At first he used a Tony Iommi signature model, but later switched to a GT-model with Seymour Duncan pickups, as of 2019 he is seen playing a Gibson Firebird Custom. His amp of choice is a Marshall JCM800 2210 model.

What guitars does volbeat use?


  • – Gibson SG Tonny Iommi signature model. – ESP Ltd.
  • – A Gibson and Martin acoustic (studio) – BC Rich (in the early days)
  • – ENGL head (model not mentioned) – Marshall 4×12″ cabinets.
  • Effects.
  • – Behringer Ultra-Q EQ.
  • – BBE 362 Maximizer rack unit.
  • – Behringer Ultra-G DI Box.
  • – Hughes & Kettner Red Box DI pedal.

What tuning does anthrax use?

In this Madhouse guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this awesome 80’s metal masterpiece from Anthrax note-for-note. The tuning is standard tuning, E A D G B E. There are some challenging riffs in this one.

What pickups does Michael Poulsen use?

Seymour Duncan JB SH-4 7 Humbucker Bridge Pickup.

Why did Scott Ian change his name?

If that meant getting good grades to keep my mom off my back so I could do whatever the hell I wanted, then I got good grades so nobody would bother me. I changed my name from Scott Ian Rosenfeld just so I wouldn’t have to sign it for 33 years!