What lights does a police boat display?

Search and rescue vessels, police boats, and government vessels will display blue flashing lights when they’re responding to an emergency situation. Always slow down, keep well clear, and allow boats displaying flashing blue lights to pass you.

What navigation lights are required on a boat?

For powered boats less than 39.4 feet, or 12 meters, you need to have the following set of navigation lights.

  • One all-around white light that you can see from 360 degrees and from two miles away;
  • And one pair of red and green sidelights that are visible at 112.5 degrees and from one mile away.

What lights do I need on my boat at night?

The required lights are: Red and green sidelights visible from a distance of at least one mile away on a dark, clear night. An all-round white light or both a masthead light and a sternlight. These lights must be visible from a distance of at least two miles away on a dark, clear night.

What lights do you need on in a boat at night NSW?

Must display sidelights and a sternlight, if possible. If it’s not possible to attach lights to the vessel – for example, on a small dinghy – use your torch. Shining your torch on your sails or deck can help other vessels see you, and could help prevent a collision.

What does a flashing blue light indicate on a boat?

(a) Law enforcement vessels may display a flashing blue light when engaged in direct law enforcement or public safety activities. This light must be located so that it does not interfere with the visibility of the vessel’s navigation lights.

Can you use blue lights on a boat?

Specifically, red, green, and white lights may only be displayed at night in configurations described in “Navigation Lights.” At no time may any blue lights be displayed because they are reserved exclusively for emergency or law enforcement vessels.

When should I turn on my boat navigation lights?

Navigation Light Rules. Recreational boats operating at night are required to display navigation lights between sunset and sunrise.

What does a single white light mean on a boat at night?

All-Round White Light: On power-driven vessels less than 39.4 feet in length, this light may be used to combine a masthead light and sternlight into a single white light that can be seen by other vessels from any direction. This light serves as an anchor light when sidelights are extinguished.

What do 3 short blasts of a horn indicate?

One short blast tells other boaters, “I intend to pass you on my left (port) side.” Two short blasts tell other boaters, “I intend to pass you on my right (starboard) side.” Three short blasts tell other boaters, “I am operating astern propulsion.” For some vessels, this tells other boaters, “I am backing up.”

What does a flashing white light on a boat mean?

It has one long white light flash every 10 seconds. Seeing these marks means it is safe to pass in every direction. You can commonly find these in fairways, mid-channel or approaching land from the open sea (landfall mark).

What does a white light on a boat mean?

Powerboat A: When only a white light is visible, you may be overtaking another vessel. Give way to either side. Powerboat B: You are being overtaken.

What kind of navigation lights are required on a powerboat?

Navigation lights for a powerboat operating at night (less than 12 meters (39,4″) in lenght) According to the Collision regulations, an operator of a power driven vessel of less than 12 metres in length, and underway, may display, from sunset to sunrise: sidelights (red – green) and

Where are the lights displayed on a sailing vessel?

A sailing vessel may exhibit at or near the top of the mast, two all-round lights in a vertical line: the upper one red and the lower one green. These lights are shown along with the sidelights and sternlight. For sailboats operating under motor power: sternlight (white). A vessel engaged in fishing, other than trawling, shall display:

What lights should a vessel engaged in fishing display?

A vessel engaged in fishing, other than trawling, shall display: all-around lights in a vertical line, the upper being red over white light. When making way through the water. A vessel when engaged in trawling, which means dragging a dredge net or other fishing apparatus through the water, shall display:

What is the minimum minimum intensity required for a boat navigation light?

From 5 degrees above to 5 degrees below the horizontal happens to be the required minimum intensity in a vertical sector. International Navigation Rules state that the boat navigation lights should be placed above the uppermost continuous deck.