What kind of times are these Brecht?

To talk about trees is almost a crime. Because it implies silence about so many horrors?”

Is Adrienne Rich alive?

Deceased (1929–2012)

How is Aunt Jennifer different from her tiger?

In the poem ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’, the tigers are portrayed by Aunt Jennifer completely opposite to her own character. The tigers that she had drawn are portrayed as fearless, confident, proud and not bound by anything or anyone. In contrast, Aunt Jennifer has an unfree and oppressed life.

What ordeals do you think Aunt Jennifer is surrounded by?

Aunt Jennifer is surrounded by the ordeals of the heavy responsibilities of her married life towards the family and towards Uncle Jennifer. The poetess used the word ‘ringed’ to point that Aunt was surrounded by the responsibilities which encircled her like a ring that surrounds the finger.

What is the poem Storm warnings about?

“Storm Warnings”, by Adrienne Rich, is a poem about an oncoming storm. The narrator is reading and realizes a storm is approaching. She gets up to watch the storm from the window. In the same way you cannot prevent storms from happening, you cannot keep yourself from having problems.

What are the difficulties that Aunt Jennifer faced in her life?

Aunt Jennifer spent her life in accordance to the rules laid down by her husband. Her life was overburdened by demands and duties and lacked self-expression. She was feeble and was oppressed by her husband.

What does Jennifer marriage symbolize in the poem?

The poet uses symbols in the poem. The Tigers are the symbol of courage, honor, bravery and confidence. The massive weight of ‘Uncle’s wedding band’ is symbol of harsh and bitter experiences of Aunt Jennifer’s married life. ‘Ordeals’ and ‘Ringed’ also stands for bitter and harsh experiences.

When was what kind of times are these published?


What is the message of the poem Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers?

“Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” is a statement of conflict in women, specifically between the impulse to freedom and imagination. Aunt Jennifer wants a life that she embroiders on the panel. She wants a colour full vibrant life which every woman should have the power to create.

Is Adrienne Rich a feminist?

Adrienne Rich (May 16, 1929 – March 27, 2012) was an award-winning poet, longtime American feminist, and prominent lesbian. She wrote more than a dozen volumes of poetry and several non-fiction books. Her poems have been widely published in anthologies and studied in literature and women’s studies courses.

What kind of times are these summary?

‘What Kind of Times Are These’ by Adrienne Rich discusses the need of the hour. During trying times one has to speak up and also listen to like-minded ones. In this poem, Rich refers to an unknown place that is between two stands of trees. There the grass grows uphill and the old road breaks off into shadows.

What is the significance of wedding ring in Aunt Jennifer’s life?

The poet uses many images and symbols to describe the unpleasant experience of Aunt Jennifer’s married life. Massive weight of ‘Uncles wedding band’ is a symbol of harsh and bitter experiences of married life of Aunt Jennifer. The Wedding band also stands for unbreakable bond of marriage between the husband and wife.

Why do you think Aunt Jennifer created animals?

Solution : In creating animals that are different from her own character, Aunt Jennifer found a means of living an alternate life that is denied to her: a life that is proud, free, fearless and sure of itself. The tigers denote her yearning for power, freedom and fearless living.