What is TMS in SAP basis?

Transport Management System Overview (TMS) Transport Management System is one of the key components in SAP system. TMS is used to control new requests, monitor changes like who has implemented the changes, defining and configuring system landscape in SAP environment.

How do I configure TMS?

TMS Configuration –

  1. Step-1: Setting up the Domain Controller.
  2. Step-2: Go to the transaction STMS.
  3. Step-3: Adding SAP systems to the Transport Domain.
  4. Step-3-1: Log on to SAP systems (to be added in the domain) in client 000.
  5. Step-3-2: Start transaction STMS.
  6. Step-3-3: TMS will verify the configuration file DOMAIN.

How do you distribute TMS configuration in SAP?

Distributing the Transport Domain Configuration

  1. Log on to the SAP system that functions as the transport domain controller.
  2. Call transaction STMS.
  3. Choose Overview Systems. . The system overview appears.
  4. Choose Extras Distribute and Activate Configuration. . The dialog box Distribute and Activate TMS Configuration appears.

What are created automatically during TMS configuration?

TMSADM is a communication user which is created during TMS configuration. It is used by TP to transport the objects bw the systems.

What is a TMS platform?

A transportation management system (TMS) is a logistics platform that uses technology to help businesses plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing, and making sure the shipment is compliant, proper documentation is available.

How do I delete a TMS configuration in SAP?

Transaction code SE06 need to be used for deleting TMS configuration and the deletion should be done from 000 client using DDIC user id /any user id having SAP_ALL access. If you are performing this activity, after a standard SAP installation, then option 1 to be selected.

What are the types of transport request?

There are three types of Transport Requests. they are:

  • Workbench Request: Workbench requests are cross-client.
  • Customizing Request: Customizing requests are client specific.
  • Transport of Copies: Transport of copies allows you to transport objects to any specified SAP System.

How do I join two transport domains?


  1. Log on to one of the two domain controller systems.
  2. Call transaction STMS.
  3. Choose Overview Systems. .
  4. Choose SAP System Create Domain Link .
  5. Enter the system name, host name and system number of the domain controller you want to link to, and then confirm your entries.
  6. Enter the password of user TMSADM.

What is TMS implementation?

TMS IMPLEMENTATION The implementation of a TMS product comprises several steps and the active participation of different stakeholders to avoid step backs and to ensure that the chosen solution answers to the specific needs and challenges of the business.

What is the main objective of TMS?

The broader goals of using a TMS are to improve shipping efficiency, reduce costs, gain real-time supply chain visibility and ensure customer satisfaction. Shippers and carriers are the primary users of TMS software.

How do I remove a transportation domain in SAP?

To delete an SAP system from the transport domain:

  1. Log on to the system functioning as the transport domain controller.
  2. Call transaction STMS.
  3. Choose. Overview. Systems. .
  4. Position the cursor on the system to be deleted.
  5. Choose. SAP System. Delete. .
  6. Confirm the prompt and distribute the configuration.

How do I remove a system from Stms?

My navigation is as follows: STMS -> Overview -> Systems -> < choose the system I want to delete> -> SAP Systems -> Delete.