What is the Tamburica?

Tamburica or Tamboura or Tamburitza refers to a family of long-necked accoutic stringed instruments popular in Southern Europe and Central Europe, especially Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Vojvodina, Slovenia, and Hungary. It is also known in Burgenland.

What is the tamburitza made of?

In southern India the body of the tambura is made of a hollow piece of jackwood (wood from the jackfruit tree), while in the north it is fashioned from a gourd. It is held in a vertical position, and the musician plays the instrument by plucking the strings while seated behind it.

What instrument family is the Tamburica in?

necked lutes
Tamburica (/tæmˈbʊərɪtsə/ or /ˌtæmbəˈrɪtsə/) or tamboura (Serbo-Croatian: tamburica / тамбурица, meaning “little tamboura”; Hungarian: tambura; Greek: Ταμπουράς, romanized: Tampourás; sometimes written tamburrizza or tamburitza), refers to a family of long-necked lutes popular in Southern Europe and Central Europe.

What is a tamburitza orchestra?

The Croatian Radiotelevision Tamburitza Orchestra is a unique instrumental ensemble founded in 1941 as a professional orchestra of Zagreb Radio.

Who invented tambura?

The electronic tanpura instrument was invented in the late 19th century by G Raj Narayan, an engineer and musician. Beginning first as electronic boxes with transistors that imitated the sound of the tanpura, the electronic versions evolved to loop recordings of the traditional tanpura.

Who invented the tamburitza?

Pajo Kolarić
During this time, the first Croatian tamburitza ensemble was created by Pajo Kolarić in 1847. Also, during early 20th century ethnomusicologist Professor Vinko Žganec, began to write down Croatian folk songs which in the past were not written, but passed down from generation to generation.

What nationality are the Tamburitzans?

Duquesne University Tamburitzans

The Tamburitzans
Origin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres Folk, Traditional, Eastern European.
Years active 1937–present
Website www.thetamburitzans.org

What kind of music do they listen to in Croatia?

In Croatia both pop and rock are popular, as well as pop music influenced by Dalmatian or Slavonian folk elements. Since the mid-20th century, schlager and chanson-inspired music have formed the backbone of the Croatian popular music.

What is the difference between tambura and tanpura?

Hindustani musicians favour the term tanpura whereas Carnatic musicians say tambura; tanpuri is a smaller variant sometimes used for accompanying instrumental soloists.

Who is the famous player of tanpura?

Gowrishankar Gurusawmy, Soman Pillai, Prasanna Athele, Nellai Krishnan, Indira Sheshadri and Helen Francis are some of the famous tambura players that have given the instrument a worldwide recognition.

Are tamburitzans Ukrainian?

But that effort to remember the old waysis exactly what appears to attract students to try out for the Tamburitzans. “The biggest thing is to preserve our culture,” said Emily Knihnicky, a Tamburitzan who is of Ukrainian heritage. “I think the students are here because they don’t want to lose their culture.