What is the synonyms of bandwidth?

Similar words for bandwidth: baud rate (noun) frequency range (noun) other relevant words (noun) quantity (noun)

What is the synonym of the word limited?

restricted, finite, bounded, little, narrow, tight, lean, slight, slender, in short supply, short. meagre, scanty, sparse, insubstantial, deficient, inadequate, insufficient, paltry, poor, miserly. basic, rudimentary, patchy, sketchy, minimal.

What is the synonym of the word band?

1’a band of robbers’ group, gang, mob, pack, troop, troupe, company, party, bevy, crew, body, working party, posse. team, side, selection, line-up, array. gathering, crowd, horde, throng, assembly, assemblage.

What are signal words for synonyms?

SIGNAL WORDS: also, as, identical, like, likewise, resembling, same, similarly, too My dog Buck travels everywhere with me. My friend’s canine buddy travels everywhere with him, too.

Do you have bandwidth synonym?

Think of the possibilities instead of bandwidth: ability, aptitude, attention span, capability, capacity, competence, drive, energy, enthusiasm, intellect, interest, time, willpower. You get the idea.

What is the opposite of bandwidth?

Opposite of of, pertaining to, or carrying a wide band of electromagnetic frequencies. dialup. low bandwidth. narrowband.

What is the synonyms of narrow?

OTHER WORDS FOR narrow 4 biased, limited, shallow, small-minded.

What is the opposite limited?

Opposite of restricted or low in amount or extent. infinite. endless. unlimited. immeasurable.

What is the nearest meaning of band?

1 a usually large group of musicians playing together.

What is the synonym of especially?

exceptionally, particularly, specially, very, extremely, singularly, peculiarly, distinctly, unusually, extraordinarily, extra, uncommonly, uniquely, remarkably, strikingly, outstandingly, amazingly, incredibly, awfully, terribly, really, unwontedly, notably, markedly, decidedly, surprisingly, conspicuously, signally.

What is the synonym and antonym of signal?

ˈsɪgnəl) Communicate silently and non-verbally by signals or signs. Antonyms. positivity invalidate uncommunicative advance fearlessness alarming unalarming. semaphore whistle sign signalise intercommunicate. signal (English)

What is a band limited signal?

Signals that are restricted to a fixed frequency range are called band limited signals. Most signals in communication are band limited. For example, the human voice can typically produce a sound between 80Hz to about 6KHz, so we can say the human voice is a band limited signal limited between 80Hz and 6KHz.

What happens if the bandwidth of a signal is limited?

So, if the bandwidth of the channel permits these harmonics to be transmitted, then the original signal can be reconstructed with sufficient accuracy. Limiting the bandwidth of a signal will limit the data rate, even if the channel is perfect with very less noise.

What is a band limited signal of 5kHz?

A Band-limited signal of 5Khz is also used to represent a signal which is having a center frequency of 5Khz but which has a fixed band-width. It surely does not mean -2.5 to 2.5 because when mentioning the band-width usually the positive frequencies alone are counted.

What is bandlimiting in signal processing?

Spectrum of a bandlimited baseband signal as a function of frequency. Bandlimiting is the limiting of a signal’s frequency domain representation or spectral density to zero above a certain finite frequency.