What is the standard depth of a fridge freezer?

Standard-depth fridges do take up more space than counter-depth models—as mentioned, generally running 35- to 36-inches deep when the doors and handles are included.

Do fridge freezers come in different depths?

Freestanding fridge freezers can vary in size, however most integrated fridge freezers are a standard width and depth so that they can fit into a 60W x 60D housing unit.

What’s the difference between counter-depth and standard depth refrigerator?

The main difference between counter depth and standard depth refrigerators is dimension. Counter depth fridges are shallower to achieve a built-in appearance while standard fridges generally offer more capacity. Either way, your refrigerator is essential to storing all your fresh ingredients.

What depth is a counter depth refrigerator?

24–30-inches deep
“Counter-depth” refers to the distance between the front of your kitchen countertops and your back wall or backsplash. These refrigerators are usually 24–30-inches deep, shallower than most fridges, to line up with the end of your cabinets and fit in nicely with most modern kitchen designs.

Does fridge depth include handles?

Appliance manufacturers have not standardized how you measure the depth of a refrigerator. The refrigerator’s height and width are measured the same, but manufacturers have three ways to do depth measurements: Depth from the back of the fridge to the front of the cooling box – without the door and handles.

What is the smallest depth American Fridge Freezer?

Shallower depth (70cm or less) American style fridge freezers. The four examples above range between 57.5cm and 70cm. These are all pretty shallow in terms of American style fridge freezers and it just goes to show how much space can be saved with just a little extra research.

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What is a 60/40 fridge freezer?

Beko 60/40 Fridge Freezers are distributed so that the Fridge holds 60% of the capacity and the Freezer holds 40%.

How much space do you lose with a counter depth refrigerator?

Counter depth styling gives you an extra 5″ of kitchen space, while fitting virtually flush with your current counters and other kitchen fixtures.