What is the spread on the Bulls game tonight?

Bulls spread: Bucks -2.5. Bucks vs. Bulls over-under: 222.5 points.

What are the chances of the Bulls winning?

The site’s Basketball Power Index gives the Bulls a 41.5% chance to win the game. NBA Playoffs first-round series picks, predictions, odds: Jazz vs.

What is the line on the basketball game?

The baselines, also known as end lines, are located on the ends of the court. The baselines are used to denote inbounds and out of bounds on each side of the court. If the ball goes out of bounds across the baseline, players will stand behind the baseline and to the side of the backboard to inbound the ball.

What are the two end lines?

Dimensions of The End Line There are two end lines, located at each end of the court. The end lines span the entire width of the court (approximately 50 feet). They are positioned 4 feet behind the basket, just before the area in which the home team is spelled out.

Who are the Chicago Bulls’ starting lineup?

Patrick Williams and Coby White also will remain on the Bulls. The starting lineup will feature Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine, Patrick Williams, and Nikola Vucevic on this highly competitive Bulls roster.

Are the Chicago Bulls a surprise team in the NBA?

The Chicago Bulls are perhaps one of the surprise teams of the league in 2021-22 as they entered the All Star break tied for first in the Eastern Conference. The trio of Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan, and Zach LaVine have reenergized the Bulls franchise and fanbase for a return to playoff glory.

What has changed with the Chicago Bulls’roster?

The Bulls revamped their entire roster over the last several months. There may not be a team in the NBA that has made as many significant moves in the previous year. Chicago brought in Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan, Nikola Vucevic, and Alex Caruso to help make them somewhat of a contender in the Eastern Conference.

What is the record of the Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls?

The Toronto Raptors are currently the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference with a 40-31 record so far this season. The Chicago Bulls are currently the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference with a 41-29 record so far this season. Chicago will win this basketball game over Toronto by a final score of 104-100.