What is the seating on a 777?

Seat Map Information. There are 8 First Class, 52 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy, and 166 Economy Class seats. Seat rows are numbered from 1 to 42.

What is the biggest Air NZ plane?

The 777-300 – the largest plane in the airline’s fleet – has been on the ground for nearly 600 days and will be brought back initially for cargo flights.

How big are the seats on Air New Zealand?

17.2″ wide
Seats are 17.2″ wide, with a pitch of 31-33″ and 5″ recline. The dimensions and configurations of our aircraft may vary depending on the specific type of aircraft you are flying on. Please refer to our detailed seat maps to discover the seating configuration, pitch, and dimensions for your flight.

What is the difference between Boeing 777 200 and 777-200ER?

Of the two, the 777-200ER was the best seller Additional features include a redesigned landing gear and 12.8 ft (3.90 m) wingtip extensions. The Boeing 777-200LR is also the plane Boeing used for the freighter version of the aircraft.

Where should I sit on a Boeing 777-200?

Naturally, my top picks in Economy Plus fall in the bulkhead rows — starting with 27, above and below. You’ll want to consider the window and aisle seats there — 27A, 27C, 27J or 27L. You could certainly do worse than the aisle seats in Row 26 (26D and 26G), too. Even better, though, is Row 40, just behind Door 3.

Does Air New Zealand have 777?

One of Air New Zealand’s Boeing 777-300ER jets returned to service after being grounded due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the whole fleet. The B777-300ER is the largest aircraft in New Zealand’s flag carrier fleet.

What is an Air New Zealand preferred seat?

Preferred Seat These seats are in preferred location on the aircraft and may also have extra legroom.

When was the last 777-200ER built?

The 777-300ER came in 2004, and the ultra-long-range 777-200LR in 2006. Three years later, Boeing also added a freighter version, the 777F, to its list of offerings. In 2018, the 777 surpassed the 747 as Boeing’s most produced widebody aircraft.

What is a B77W aircraft?

B77W. The 777-300ER (“ER” for Extended Range) is the B-market version of the 777-300. It features raked and extended wingtips, a new main landing gear, reinforced nose gear, and extra fuel tanks. The -300ER also has a strengthened fuselage, wings, empennage (tail assembly), and engine attachments.