What is the relationship between the monster and Frankenstein?

In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein and the monster are connected in a complex relationship. Frankenstein’s monster is submissive to his creator, Victor, who is the only man with the knowledge of creating another of his kind.

How has the relationship changed between Victor Frankenstein and the creature?

The monster has no relationship with Victor besides a need for revenge. When Victor created the monster, he looked on him in disgust. He abandoned his creation after looking upon the creation with horror. This feels the monster with loneliness and rage, so he goes and lives on Felix’s farm.

Did Frankenstein love his monster?

Similarly, Victor Frankenstein showed his loved ones great compassion, but did not show any love towards his creation. Thus, because of their feelings of inferiority towards humans, both Satan and the monster decided to rebel against their creators.

How would you describe the nature of the relationship between Victor and the creature?

In the novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly Victor Frankenstein and his creature are two sides of one person. Both despise each other, and in doing so they are despising themselves. There is a power struggle between the two adversaries, which leads to both Frankenstein, and his creature ending up alone.

What do Victor and the monster have in common?

The similarities between Victor and the Monster? The Similarities are they share three significant qualities, they have a need for bonds, they love nature, and love being outdoor both of them are very shy and like to be to themselves but they like to be in the nature all the time.

How are Frankenstein and his monster different?

Victor and the monster experience the feeling of isolation, but the thing that makes them different from each other is that Victor feels a sense of remorse and guilt. The monster does not experience this feeling. Victor has this feeling starting with the death of William and through the death of Elizabeth.

How does Frankenstein show love?

The Monster Learns About Love Frankenstein’s monster first encounters love when he meets the family in the cottage. He tells Frankenstein about them: ”They loved and sympathized with one another; and their joys, depending on each other, were not interrupted by the casualties that took place around them.

How did Victor treat the creature?

Because the creature looks like a monster, he is treated as one despite his initial benevolence, and so he becomes one. Because Victor looks like an angel, he is treated as one despite being a monster, and he never grows and changes.

How do Victor and the Creature mirror each other?

how do the doctor and creature mirror each other? They both seem to think very alike, and they both want to be accepted by society. Victor seems to spend the whole book trying to separate himself from the creature, but in the end, they have similar mindsets.

How are Victor Frankenstein and the Creature similar and different?

These traits that Victor and the monster possess show that they are very similar. One way that Victor and the monster are alike is that Victor creates the monster like himself. Victor does not plan to create the monster like himself, but the monster becomes very much like Victor.

What do Frankenstein and the monster have in common?

Throughout the novel there some of the most notable similarities between the characters Victor Frankenstein and the Creature are they both have a thirst for knowledge and curiosity, deal with isolation and rejection, and play god.

Why does the monster want love?

Since the moment of his creation, the monster faces isolation, rejection, and condemnation from both his creator and from society. Because of this, and despite the incongruities that define his very nature, the monster yearns for a feeling and sentiment that is fundamentally human: love.