What is the promotion rate in the Air Force?

Department of the Air Force officials selected 15,660 Air Force senior airmen for promotion to staff sergeant out of 44,663 eligible for a selection rate of 35.06% in the 21E5 promotion cycle, which includes supplemental promotion opportunities.

How long does it take to promote from E 3 to E 4 Air Force?

Promoting from E-3 to E-4 The requirements are 28 months Time in Grade as E-3 or 36 months Time in Service with 20 months Time in grade at E-3, whichever comes first. If you joined as an E-3 you’ll promote to E-4 at your 28th month mark in the Air Force.

How many points is a promote Air Force?

Promote Now 250 points Promote Now
Must Promote 220 points Must Promote
Promote 200 points Promote
Not Ready Now 0 points Not Ready Now

How long does it take to promote from airman to A1C?

ten months
Airman First Class (A1C) is the third enlisted rank in the US Air Force. Airman First Class is the rank just above Airman (E-2), and below Senior Airman. An Airman is typically promoted to Airman First Class after ten months as an Airman, but they can be promoted earlier if certain requirements are met.

Is it hard to rank up in the Air Force?

When it comes to getting to SMSgt/CMSgt ranks, the Air Force can only have around 1% or 2% of their workforce in those positions so it is extremely competitive. There are also numerous factors that’ll need to be considered when trying to go for a promotion.

How much does an A1C get paid?

A Airman First Class is a enlisted airman in the United States Air Force at DoD paygrade E-3. A Airman First Class receives a monthly basic pay salary starting at $2,161 per month, with raises up to $2,436 per month once they have served for over 3 years.

What rank would I be in the Air Force with a master’s degree?

If you have your Masters Degree when you join you would be commissioned into the Officer Corps as a Second Lieutenant and make approximately 45-50K per year. You would have to be accepted into an Officer Training Course or participate in some sort of ROTC to be able to join.