What is the population of Vienna 2022?

Vienna, Austria Metro Area Population 1950-2022

Vienna – Historical Population Data
Year Population Growth Rate
2022 1,960,000 0.77%
2021 1,945,000 0.78%
2020 1,930,000 0.78%

What is the population of Vienna 2020?

Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is home to around 1.757 million people within its city confines – making it the largest city in Austria and the 7th largest in the EU.

Is Vienna overpopulated?

Vienna is Austria’s most densely populated province with 4.657 residents per square kilometre and Carinthia the least densely populated province with 59.2 inhabitants per square kilometre….Geography and population.

Province Vienna
Population 1,931,830
Provincial Capital

What is the population of Vienna 2021?

Since Austria joined the European Union in 1995, Vienna’s population has grown by 378,282 due to its net migration and its natural population increase, which has been positive since 2004. At the beginning of 2021, Vienna had a population of 1,920,949 residents.

Is the population in Austria increasing or decreasing?

Austria’s population is projected to end the century with about 8.67 million people. Austria’s current population growth rate is a slow 0.52%.

What was the population of Vienna in 1900?

1.7 million
With a population of 1.7 million, Vienna around 1900 was one of the largest urban centres in Europe. In comparison, London had a population of 4.5 million, Paris 2.7 million and Berlin 1.9 million. Around 1900, the largest city of the Habsburg Monarchy experienced a phase of considerable growth.

How many Muslims are in Vienna?

216,345 Austrian
Almost 216,345 Austrian Muslims (38%) live in the capital, Vienna.

Why is Austria’s population so small?

Vienna, the largest city in the country, experienced a decline in population size from 1.9 million to 1.5 million since 1923. Part of the decline was due to the annihilation of the city’s Jewish population in 1938. Austria has a lower urban population (56%) than most other industrialized countries.

Why is Austria population so low?

What is the black population of Austria?

40,000 people
In Austria, out of 8.9 million inhabitants, only an estimated 40,000 people have African ancestry (numbers from 2010, including Egypt and Tunisia).