What is the only mammal that can fly?


Which animal feed their babies with their own milk?

Zebras, bats, and bears do it. So do whales, tigers, and humans. These animals all nourish their newborn offspring with milk. It’s a defining characteristic of what it means to be a mammal.

Does every product have a life cycle?

Product life cycle is the progression of an item through the four stages of its time on the market. The four life cycle stages are: Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline. Every product has a life cycle and time spent at each stage differs from product to product.

How do plants grow new leaves?

Once the embryo germinates from its seed or parent plant, it begins to produce additional organs (leaves, stems, and roots) through the process of organogenesis. New roots grow from root meristems located at the tip of the root, and new stems and leaves grow from shoot meristems located at the tip of the shoot.

What is the life cycle of the plant?

Life Cycle. The plant starts life as a seed, which germinates and grows into a plant. The mature plant produces flowers, which are fertilised and produce seeds in a fruit or seedpod. The plant eventually dies, leaving seeds which germinate to produce new plants.

What are the 3 life cycles of a plant?

There are three different plant life cycles: haploid (1n), diploid (2n), and the more common haploid-diploid (1n-2n). A haploid organism consists of a multicellular structure of cells that contain only one set of chromosomes, whereas, a diploid organism’s multicellular stage contains two sets of chromosomes.

Which animals do not look like their parents?

Bright Side put together 22 photos of newborn animals and birds who don’t look like their mothers and fathers at all.

  • Rhinoceros.
  • Giant Panda.
  • Echidna.
  • Penguin.
  • Snail.
  • Owl.
  • Brazilian Tapir.
  • Meerkat.

What animals change as they grow?

Metamorphosis means a change in body form. It causes big changes in insects such as the butterfly and smaller changes in insects such as the grasshopper. Other animals, such as frogs and toads, also go through metamorphosis. For example, young frogs live only in water.

Which animal milk is black?

Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) This dilute milk may have something to do with the animals’ slow reproductive cycle. Black rhinoceroses become capable of reproducing only once they reach four to five years old.

Why do you think the seed shrivels and becomes small after germination?

1. There is a cotyledon that nourishes the seed and provides it all the essential materials. Germination occurs when the cotyledon is no more able to supply the nutrients and thus due to the absence of cotyledon, the seed becomes small after germination.

What animal lays eggs but is not a bird?

The platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) has a puzzling array of features. Not only does it have that iconic duck bill, it lays eggs like a bird or reptile but feeds milk to its young like a mammal.

Can animals like chicken have a baby fish?

Answer. Answer: No because fish are cold-blooded, they would not be regarded as meat under this definition. Others use the term “meat” to refer exclusively to the flesh of fur-covered mammals, which excludes animals like chicken and fish.

Can you milk a chicken?

Chickens cannot be milked, as hens are birds and they do not produce milk. Generally, only mammals produce milk to feed their young. Chicks are raised eating worms, bugs, grain, and other chicken feed rather than mother’s milk.

Why does a life cycle repeat again and again?

Different plants and animals change in different ways as they go through the life cycle. For example, the animal life cycles begins with a fertilized egg that grows and then matures. The adult organism reproduces and then eventually dies. This is how Life cycles repeat again and again.

Which part of a new plant grows first?

primary root

Which animals grow the most?

Among live-born animals, the biggest grower would be the red kangaroo, which starts out about the size of a bean and weighs about 1 gram (0.03 ounces) but grows to 180 pounds—an increase of about 96,000 times its birth weight. Egg-layers do even better. The ocean mola, or sunfish, hatches from an egg about this big: o.

Which animal gives milk and eggs?


What does not have a life cycle?

Non living things do not have a life span. They do not respire as they do not require food for energy and hence do not excrete. They do not fall into any cycle of – born, grow, reproduce and die. They are destroyed or broken down by external force.

What is the growing point of a plant?

Growing Point the rounded cone-shaped tip of a growing axial organ of a plant (stem or root), which consists of formative tissue (meristem).

What is a simple life cycle?

Animals that Grow Up (Simple Life Cycle): These animals have three stages — before birth, young and adult. The young are typically similar to the parent, just smaller. The young slowly “grow” to become adults.

What is the life cycle of a flowering plant?

Life cycle of flowering plants Flowering plants are plants that bear flowers. These plants have a life cycle: from seed to flower, to seed. The end product of every flowering plants is a seed and this seed is sown to produce another flowering plant. These plants go through stages in their growth and development.

What comes first shoot or root?

In botany, the radicle is the first part of a seedling (a growing plant embryo) to emerge from the seed during the process of germination. The radicle is the embryonic root of the plant, and grows downward in the soil (the shoot emerges from the plumule).

What is an animal that Cannot fly?

Flightless birds are birds that through evolution lost the ability to fly. There are over 60 extant species, including the well known ratites (ostriches, emu, cassowaries, rheas and kiwi) and penguins.