What is the notch notifications tweak on the iPhone?

As the name implies, the tweak lets you set custom animations for incoming notifications centered around your iPhone’s notch. That’s just scratching the surface, however, as the tweak gives you a slew of animations like screen border effects and centered animations to choose from.

How to add Notification Dots to status bar on iOS 11?

The stock iOS 11 notification system is by far the worst ever in the history of iOS. Thankfully enough, jailbreak users can augment it by installing several tweaks on their iPhone. One such tweak is NotifierDots. NotifierDots Cydia tweak adds notification dots to your status bar.

How do I block the speak notification tweak on iPhone?

You can block the tweak from dictating alerts when you’re on a designated app, enable the tweak to function even with Do Not Disturb enabled, to speak only while your iPhone is charging, and more. Speak Notification is available inside BigBoss+ repo, so no need to install any external repos to get your hands on it.

How do you hide the status bar on iOS 14?

By double-tapping on the Status Bar from any interface in iOS, the Status Bar either becomes hidden or re-appears. It’s particularly useful in apps like Pokémon GO, where the Status Bar looks ugly hovering over the interface and bleeding over the map.

How can I display notification banners on the bottom of my screen?

If your have issues reaching up the top of your screen to access notification banners, then Rishanan’s BottomBannersX2 is right up your alley. Once installed, the tweak works right off the bat with nothing to configure, and displays alert banners on the bottom of the screen for easy access.

What can you do with a jailbroken iPhone’s Notification Center?

Granted, viewing and interacting with notifications wasn’t meant to be exciting, but if you have a jailbroken iPhone, there’s a whole slew of features that you can add to the Notification Center to significantly enhance your experience. These can range from very simple mods that de-clutter alerts, to full-on UI customization for a unique look.