What is the mean by slightly?

(slaɪtli ) adverb [ADVERB adjective, ADVERB with verb] Slightly means to some degree but not to a very large degree. His family then moved to a slightly larger house.

What is Udo in Bicol?

(noun) widow, widower.

What is AGUM in Ilocano?

“Agum” is a word in ILOKANO, HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO. agum ILOKANO. Definition: v. /MANG-:-AN/ to covet, desire, crave, long for.

What is Aweng in English?

“Aweng” is a word in ILOKANO v. /AG-/ to resound, reverberate, to produce a sonorous or echoing sound.

What type of word is slight?

adjective, slight·er, slight·est. small in amount, degree, etc.: a slight increase; a slight odor. of little importance, influence, etc.; trivial: a slight cut. slender or slim; not heavily built.

How do you use slightly?

She smiled slightly, as if she were hiding something. We took a slightly more direct route. There is a slightly increased risk of chest infection after the procedure. I knew her slightly.

What is Masarap in Bicolano?

Masiram/Masarap The first (masiram) is Bicol and the second (masarap) is Tagalog, they both directly translate to delicious. While these words are directly used to describe the taste of food, I love these words because they’re often used to describe things other than food.

What is the meaning of Udo Udo?

British Dictionary definitions for udo udo. / (ˈuːdəʊ) / noun plural udos. a stout araliaceous perennial plant, Aralia cordata, of Japan and China, having berry-like black fruits and young shoots that are edible when blanched.

How do you use slight in a sentence?

Slight sentence example

  1. After a slight hesitation the door burst open with a cracking blow.
  2. His frame was slight , his hair silvered, his smile fatherly.
  3. There was a slight quake to her voice.
  4. He walked with a slight limp and looked older than thirty-six.
  5. A slight smile touched the corners of his mouth.

What is a slight woman?

: thin and not very strong or muscular. a slight woman.