What is the Killbear tree?

The lonely, windswept white pine that has been dubbed “The Killbear Tree” sits on a granite outcrop called “Sunset Rock” on the eastern edge of the Beaver Dams campground. The tree, which has become an icon of Canadian perseverance, is considered “Canada’s most photographed tree.”

Where is the iconic tree in Killbear?

Sunset Rocks/The Tree: Possibly the most photographed tree in Canada, this windswept pine is located near campsite 320 in Beaver Dams campground. It shows the effects of dealing with decades of west winds off of Georgian Bay.

How big do northern pine trees get?

Tall and stately northern pine trees grow to a height of 90 to 100 feet. They’re known for their bluish-green needles and slender, yellow-brown cones, and don’t require a great deal of care. Northern pines are also known as white pines or northern white pines.

Is Eastern white pine native to Ontario?

Eastern white pine IN TORONTO Eastern white pine is native to the mixed and deciduous forests that originally covered southern Ontario. Preferring well drained soils, large old-growth pines often grew in association with red and white oak and towered above them.

Why is it called Killbear?

Killbear’s Name For years, stories have been told about a logger killing a bear (or a bear killing a logger) as a log boom was towed around the point on the way to the large sawmills in Parry Sound. The trouble with these stories is that the logging era here took place between 1860 and 1920.

Where are the jumping rocks at Killbear?

One of the most unique and exhilarating activities at Killbear is cliff jumping at Harold Point .

Does Killbear have drinking water?

There are 2 potable water stations located in the Park. One on the edge of the Park Office parking lot and one at the grey water pump out station located off Day Use Beach road.

Does Killbear have a playground?

Welcome to Killbear Provincial Park.

Can you cut down white pine in Ontario?

White Pine are a protected species in Ontario, with only a very limited number of people having the rights to harvest them. “In pure stands, mature trees usually have no branches on the lower half of the trunk.” View Source …

Can you cut down pine trees in Ontario?

You are allowed to harvest pine for your own use on your property that the pine is growing on. You can also apply to buy the pine rights back from the government and have he hold on the pine removed from your deed.