What is the genus of a tiger shark?

GaleocerdoTiger shark / GenusGaleocerdo is a genus of requiem sharks that have lived since the Paleocene epoch. While these sharks were formerly diverse, only G. cuvier survives today. Wikipedia

What is the scientific name for the tiger shark?

Galeocerdo cuvierTiger shark / Scientific name

Common Name: Tiger Shark. Scientific Name: Galeocerdo cuvier. Type: Fish. Diet: Carnivore. Group Name: School, shoal.

What is the genus and species of a shark?

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Family Lamnidae Müller and Henle, 1838 – mackerel sharks, porbeagles, white sharks, requins-taupes, jaquetones
Genus Carcharodon Smith in Müller and Henle, 1838
Species Carcharodon carcharias (Linnaeus, 1758) – great white shark, white shark, tiburón blanco, jaquetón de ley, requin blanc

What family is the tiger shark in?

Requiem sharksTiger shark / FamilyRequiem sharks are sharks of the family Carcharhinidae in the order Carcharhiniformes. They are migratory, live-bearing sharks of warm seas and includes such species as the tiger shark, bull shark, Wikipedia

What are the 7 levels of classification for a tiger shark?


  • Domain-Eukarya. -Cells have organelles that are bound by a membrane.
  • Kingdom-Animalia. -multi-cellular, they develop from an embryo, and they depend on other organisms for their energy (Schoolworkhelper, 2013).
  • Class-Elasmobranchii.
  • Order-Carcharhiniformes.
  • Family- Carcharinidae.

What is a sharks domain?

EukaryoteSharks / Domain

How many species of tiger sharks are there?

It is often colloquially called the man-eater shark. The tiger shark is a member of the order Carcharhiniformes, the most species-rich order of sharks, with more than 270 species also including the small catsharks and hammerhead sharks.

Are tiger sharks extinct?

Near ThreatenedTiger shark / Conservation status
Tiger sharks are not endangered at this time, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), although they are identified as a species “near threatened.” Tiger sharks are frequent victims of bycatch, meaning they’re killed unintentionally by fishing practices intended to …

What animal classification is a shark?

Cartilaginous fishesSharks / Class

What genus is the great white shark in?

White sharksGreat white shark / Genus

What is the phylum of shark?

ChordateSharks / Phylum

How many genus of sharks are there?

Since this is where it begins to get very complicated because there are over 440 known species of sharks, it is better to include them together to really understand shark taxonomy: Carcharhiniformes are the largest order of sharks and has 227 species: Carcharhinidae (Requiem Sharks): 12 genus and 48 species of sharks.

Is the tiger shark the most dangerous shark?

Tigersharks are found in tropical and subtropical waters all over the world. They are considered one of the most dangerous sharks because they are known to attack humans more than any other shark species. However, the number of attacks attributed to tiger sharks are still quite low – less than 10% of all unprovoked shark attacks.

Is Tiger Shark bigger than a hammerhead shark?

The Tiger Shark is the first shark able to eat the Kempy Bass, if it is in the Kempy Cave. In Hungry Shark Evolution, she is stronger than the Hammerhead Shark, but in Hungry Shark: Night it is apparently weaker than the Hammerhead Shark. The Tiger Shark’s name is Fluffy. Tiger Shark requires 17,000 points to trigger Gold Rush.

Are tiger sharks the most vishes Sharks?

The tiger shark is considered one of the most dangerous sharks in the world – and this is right. It is a very aggressive predator with perfectly heightened senses. Its lust for blood and genetic programming for attacking are the reasons why the prey of these sharks includes not only other animals but even… empty oil barrels.

What biome does a tiger shark live in?

Freshwater Biomes

  • Types of Freshwater Ecosystems-Lakes-Ponds-River-Streams-Wetlandss
  • Freshwater Biomes BioVid