What is the fastest RE8 speedrun?

According to speedrun.com, the record currently sits at 1 hour, 23 minutes and 57 seconds, courtesy of runner spiceeTV. It’s a close race, as this run only beat the previous record by 22 seconds.

How do you speed run in RE8?

  1. Skip Those Cutscenes.
  2. Get Infinite Ammo.
  3. Memorize Puzzles (And Keep Our Guide Handy)
  4. Skip Obstacles in The Reservoir.
  5. Getting Away From the Baby.
  6. Don’t Use Ladders (When Possible)
  7. Avoid Getting Slowed Down by Enemies.

How many hours is RE0?

When focusing on the main objectives, Resident Evil Zero: HD Remaster is about 10 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 20½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How fast can you beat Re village?

With all these variables taken into account, your first average playthrough of Resident Evil: Village should take anywhere between eight and ten hours and for full completion, anywhere between 30 and 40 hours according to howlongtobeat.com.

What is the fastest time someone has completed Resident Evil Village?

So, as of the time of this writing, the person who holds the world record speedrun for Resident Evil Village is streamer Maxylobes, who completed an any % run on NewGame+ in 1:26:45.

What is the hardest game to speedrun?

10 Of The Hardest Games To Speedrun (That Gamers Tried To Do Anyway)

  • 8 Bloodborne.
  • 7 Doom.
  • 6 Spelunky.
  • 5 Outlast.
  • 4 Cuphead.
  • 3 The Super Mario Series.
  • 2 The Legend Of Zelda Series.
  • 1 Skyrim. Skyrim is infamous for sucking away social lives, requiring hours upon hours of play time to fully complete.

Does your health regenerate in re8?

it only regens from danger (screen pulsing red) to caution state (orange bar), it won’t go back to fine (green bar). And its only after a while in danger too.

How fast can you beat re8?

Based on past experiences, the amount of collectibles and secrets will amount to around double the times of the base game, making it near 20 ~ 30 hour of gameplay for full completion.

Is Resident Evil 0 long?

5 Resident Evil Zero – 11 Hours Players control both Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen, switching between both characters on the fly to solve puzzles and progress through the game. All that partner zapping would result in an adventure that came in at around 11 hours in length.

How long is re1 remake?

Average: 10-15 hours. Completionist: 25-30 hours. Speedy: 2-4 hours (once you know what you’re doing)