What is the difference between a mini suite and balcony on the Norwegian Breakaway?

Breakaway & Breakaway Plus Class Ships One of the biggest differences between the balcony and the club balcony suite, in regards to the room, is the size of the bathroom. The club balcony suite has two sinks and a larger shower, as seen in the photo below.

What is the difference between NCL balcony and club balcony suite?

On most Norwegian ships, the biggest difference between a standard balcony and what are now dubbed Club Balcony Suites is the bathroom. Often slightly roomier, the thing people most often rave about is the shower, which is both larger and features a rain-style showerhead.

Has Norwegian Breakaway been refurbished?

Built in 2013 and refurbished in 2018, the 3,963-passenger Norwegian Breakaway pleases passengers with a lively atmosphere and family-friendly amenities.

What is free on the Norwegian Breakaway?

The most popular free perks on NCL include a free beverage package, a specialty dining package, a shore excursion credit, free internet, and free or reduced pricing on 3rd and 4th passengers. Occasionally free or reduced airfare is offered.

What does BB mean on Norwegian cruise Line?

Category BB – Balcony Stateroom. Description: Take in the amazing views from these staterooms that include two lower beds that convert to a queen-size bed and additional bedding that can accommodate two guests.

What does BF mean on NCL?

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Category Cabin Name
BC Balcony
BD Balcony
BE Balcony
BF Balcony

Is Norwegian Breakaway a big ship?

Design. She is 146,600 GT in size, and has capacity for 3,963 passengers, double occupancy. At launch, Norwegian Breakaway was the world’s ninth largest cruise ship by gross tonnage. The ship has a total of 1,024 staterooms and 238 suites.

Is NCL Breakaway sailing at full capacity?

Completely refurbished in 2018, the vessel is home to a number of entertainment options and activities. At full capacity (prior to COVID restrictions) Breakaway has the capacity to hold 3,963 passengers and offers 2,011 cabins.

What is a BF balcony on NCL?

Cabins in Category BF have a private enclosed balcony. These Staterooms have room for up to 3 guests and feature floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to the balcony. They include a separate bathroom with shower, two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed, a sitting area, and additional bedding to fit one more.

What is a princess balcony?

The typical Princess balcony cabin has twin beds that can be converted into a queen bed, a built-in desk with a chair and a built-in miniature refrigerator. In addition to beds, a desk and a miniature fridge, premium balcony cabins have a seating area with a sofa bed that can be used for a third passenger in the room.