What is the current through the 5ohm resistance?

Thus, current flowing in the 5ohm resistor is 2A.

What color resistor is 220 ohms?

220 Ohm resistance is represented by Red, Red, Black code.

What is the color code for a 220 ohms 5% resistor?

Since Code for Red is 2 and that of black is 0. The tolerance for gold is 5%. ⇒ The colour code = Red Red Black and Gold for 5%….Detailed Solution.

Colour code Green
Values (AB) 5
Multiplier (C) 105
Tolerance (D) 0.5

What is the cost of 220 ohm resistor?

Per pc

Order Quantity Price Per Item
10 or more Rs 2.80 (Save 3.4%)
20 or more Rs 2.70 (Save 6.9%)
50 or more Rs 2.60 (Save 10.3%)
100 or more Rs 2.50 (Save 13.8%)

What is the color code for a 220 ohm 10%?

Hence the colour code of 220 ohm resistor will be – red, red and brown.

What is the color code for a 220 Ω 10% and 1.2 K Ω 5% resistor?

Answer. 2) Brown Red Red Gold .

What is the color code for a 220 ohm 10% and 1.2 K ohm 5% resistor?

Red, Red, Brown, Gold

Band Value
2nd Red 2
3rd Brown 10
4th gold +-5%
220 Ohm tolerance: +-5%

What is 470 E resistor?

470E means a value of 470 raise to the power of 1 which equals to 470 ohms. It would make more sense to have it as 470E1, but we generally tend to ignore if the value to the right of E is 1. Few other examples which will make this notation clear are: 33E0 = 33 raise to the power of 0, so 1 ohm.

What is 220K resistor?

220K Ohm 2W High Quality Carbon Film Resistor (CFR) with ±5% Tolerance and Tin Plated Copper Leads. 220K Ohm Resistor Color Code: Red, Red, Yellow, Golden. Resistance: 220K Ohm, Power Rating: 2 Watts, Approximate Maximum Current: 3.02mA . Price: Rs 3.90 ~ 3.60.