What is the best primary school in Norwich?

The Best Primary Schools Near Norwich

School Inspection Rating
Mile Cross Primary School Braiser Road, Mile Cross, Norwich, NR3 2QU Outstanding
Colman Junior School South Park Avenue, Norwich, NR4 7AU Good
Eaton Primary School Duverlin Close, Norwich, NR4 6HS Good
George White Junior School Silver Road, Norwich, NR3 4RG Good

When was Norwich school built?

Norwich School dates back to 1096 and has enjoyed a long and fascinating history. Among the oldest schools in the United Kingdom, the buildings it now occupies date back to the foundation of the city’s Norman cathedral.

How many pupils does Norwich school have?

approximately 1,020 pupils
Early statutes declared the school was to instruct 90 sons of Norwich citizens, though it has since grown to a total enrolment of approximately 1,020 pupils….

Norwich School
Head master Steffan Griffiths
Staff 140 (full-time)
Gender Co-educational
Age 4 to 18

What is the best primary school in Norfolk?

We’ve found the best primary schools in Norfolk.

  • Alpington and Bergh Apton Primary School.
  • Wreningham VC Primary School.
  • Ashleigh Primary School and Nursery.
  • Cringleford CE VA Primary School.
  • Coltishall Primary School.
  • Little Melton Primary School.
  • Dickleburgh CE Primary School.
  • St Martin at Shouldham CE Primary Academy.

Is there a university in Norwich?

University of East Anglia
City College NorwichNorwich University of the ArtsBanham Marshalls College
Norwich/Colleges and Universities

Is Norwich a public school?

Norwich Public Schools is comprised of an early learning center, seven elementary schools, and two middle schools.

What time does Hellesdon High School finish?

The new normal means a new timetable for us all! The day starts at 8:30, but the finish time will alternate between 14:45 and 14:50 depending on which week it is.

Whats the best school in Norfolk?

As always, you can also visit the Government School Comparison site to get all the additional details you need.

  • Norwich School.
  • Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form.
  • Thetford Grammar School.
  • Norwich High School for Girls GDST.
  • Gresham’s School.
  • East Norfolk Sixth Form College.
  • City of Norwich School.
  • Wymondham College.

How many primary schools are there in Norfolk?

420 primary schools
There are 420 primary schools in Norfolk of which 47 are rated Outstanding, by Ofsted. There are a further 262 schools rated Good, dotted around our county, which comes a close second to Outstanding.