What is the best pistol in Arma 3?

The specialized pistols, the Zubr and the 4-Five carry harder hitting rounds, even more powerful than the ACP-C2. The 4-Five carries more rounds in the mag and is moderately powerful, and the Zubr carries quite a few less rounds (only 6 per mag) and cannot be suppressed but is the hardest hitting pistol of all.

What is the best AR in Arma 3?

Best Assault Rifle??? The Ak-12 is the best assult rifle in the game, the Akm comes out at second place.

What is the best pistol MW?

Sykov – Best Pistol in Modern Warfare The Sykov is a full-auto Pistol with 80 Round Drum mags that can be dual-wielded. This allows it to put down an incredible amount of firepower, being more effective than many SMGs and Shotguns at close range.

What is the best pistol tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov Best Pistol

Name Cartridge Muzzle Velocity
M9A3 9x19mm Parabellum 446 m/s
MP-443 “Grach” 9x19mm Parabellum 449 m/s
The SIG SauerP226R 9x19mm Parabellum 467 m/s
PB pistol 9x18mm Makarov 265 m/s

Is the AKM good Arma 3?

ArmA 3. The AKM gas-operated assault rifle with a rotating bolt is a modernized version of the older AK-47. Its improvements over the AK-47 made mass manufacturing simpler, but also decreased the weight, and increased accuracy, of the weapon. The gun’s exceptional wear and corrosion resistance has been preserved.

What is the best vest in Arma 3?

What is the best vest on Arma 3? – Ballistic vest analysis Arma…

  • Lvl 1 vest: 9mm: 3 hits. 5.56: 2 hits.
  • Level 2 vest: 9mm: 5 hits. 5.56: 2 hits.
  • Level 3 Vests: 9mm: 4 hits. 5.56: 3 hits.
  • Level 4 vest: 9mm: 6 hits. 5.56: 4 hits.
  • Level 5 vest: 9mm: 7 hits. 5.56: 4 hits.
  • Explosive Resistent Vest: 9mm: 13 hits. 5.56: 4 hits.

Is the snake shot still good?

The Snake Shots are still a solid option for a secondary weapon in a loadout class that uses Ghost instead of Overkill. It’s obviously best to run two primary weapons by the time the endgame rolls around, but if you want to Ghost it up, these are a good choice.

What is the best ammo in tarkov?

338 Lapua Magnum AP is the best marksman round in the game. It is Tarkov’s version of the “golden gun” meaning that it is a one-shot kill to the thorax on anybody. It has a higher penetration value than any other bullet (save mounted weapons) and does over 100 flesh damage.

What is the biggest backpack in Arma 3?

The largest backpack available in ArmA 3, the Bergen can easily store up to four Titan AT missiles at once thanks to having a maximum capacity of 480 “mass”. It has an unloaded weight of 90 “mass”.

What is the best armor in Arma 3?

Is Akimbo still good?

The Akimbo Diamatti has been known to one-burst at close range – so it’s no surprise it’s one of the most popular loadouts at the moment. Though this loadout did receive a nerf, it’s still plenty of fun to use and is surprisingly strong on Rebirth Island.

What are the best ARMA 3 mods?

Iron Front in Arma 3 AIO Lite. This Arma 3 mod is a version of the Iron Front game.

  • Faces of War. Similar to many others,Faces of War is one of the Arma 3 mods that attempts to bring the historic World War II to the game.
  • ALiVE.
  • Wasteland.
  • DAYZ.
  • ACE 3.
  • Aftermath.
  • MGS1.
  • ADR-97 Weapon Pack.
  • Malden 2035.
  • How to be good at Arma 3?


  • Hostile Water. Recover a classified device from a stricken British submarine.
  • Resist: Road’s End. The first chapter of Resist,a user campaign that runs parallel to Survive.
  • Operation Scar.
  • Revenge!
  • Clandestine Sunrise.
  • Sniper Alley.
  • Operation Hog Cove.
  • Hard to Peel.
  • On the Other Side.
  • What can I do in ARMA 3?

    Press F1 to open the objects tab,then click on the red OPFOR icon to the select the hostile forces.

  • Expand CSAT,then the APC tab and locate the MSE-3 Marid.
  • Double click on the squad icon (the red diamond shape icon above the APC) to set some properties.
  • Is ARMA 3 any good?

    There are a number of Arma 3 mods that are in development and a strong community where you can find a great milsim experience, play with a group in antistasi, roleplay, and other things. So, in this video, I help you come to the conclusion that yes, this game is worth getting into this year and it might be the best year yet for Arma 3.