What is the best packaging for vinyl?

Use a stiff-walled EZ fold mailer. A cut out wrap (COW) is also a good choice, provided it’s thin enough inside to keep vinyl records in place. Use bubble cushion or foam sheets. They’ll press against the vinyl record softly while protecting it against bumps and damage from the outside.

What is vinyl packaging called?

A gatefold cover or gatefold LP is a form of packaging for LP records which became popular in the mid-1960s.

How do I ship a vinyl box?

How Do You Safely Pack Vinyl Records?

  1. Remove vinyl from its jacket.
  2. Carefully dust using a cleaning machine or your normal vinyl brush.
  3. Put the records into protective plastic sleeves.
  4. Place the sleeves in new cardboard record mailers.
  5. Insert package stiffeners or fillers, including bubble wrap and cardboard.

How much is shipping for a vinyl?

The average LP can weigh between a third of a pound up to a little over a pound. For the USPS, one pound costs $2.63 to ship for Media Mail. You can ship around 15 records for $6.93. Then, you have to consider the price for the mailers themselves and whether or not you want to buy the insurance.

Is it safe to post vinyl?

Another reason why it’s best to remove the record and inner sleeve from the jacket cover is to avoid the disc edge cutting through the jacket. If you’re sending a vinyl disc without an original sleeve or jacket, use a plain plastic sleeve (or bubble wrap with tape) and two cardboard inserts to sandwich and protect it.

What material is a vinyl cover made of?

These sleeves are 2-mil polypropylene, the perfect thickness and style used for vinyl record storage and display.

How much does it cost to ship a vinyl?

The cost of shipping vinyl records starts at $2.63 through USPS Media Mail. However, you’ll find that prices can be much higher depending on what you need: If you use specialized shipping companies like FedEx or UPS, you’ll find your costs going up.

How do you post vinyl?

How to package and post vinyl records.

  1. Sandwich It. Take the vinyl out of the internal sleeve and the cover sleeve and sandwich it in between the two.
  2. Cover it.
  3. Pack it.
  4. Mark it.
  5. Measure it.
  6. Insure it.
  7. Upgrade it.

What is a clear vinyl box?

Quality clear vinyl boxes, also called PVC boxes or clear two-piece boxes, are a Brimar specialty. Vinyl boxes provide an elegant package for the product that sells itself.

What are the benefits of a vinyl box?

Vinyl boxes are high quality and labor friendly packages that require no tooling to manufacture. From crystal glassware to delicate candies, almost any product can be safely packaged in these boxes. Many Brimar customers choose our vinyl boxes because of their quality.

What kind of vinyl can I use for my box?

The vinyl is most often clear, but on large orders, we can make vinyl boxes out of frosted or tinted vinyl. You can even foil stamp your logo directly on your box. Your options are nearly endless, so ask your Brimar representative to explain all the options available.

What are the different types of boxes used for packaging?

Votive candles and sets of greeting cards are commonly packaged in all-clear, vinyl boxes. The other type of PVC box that Brimar manufactures is a paper wrapped, chipboard bottom that is closed with a vinyl lid. This style is stronger and offers more graphic area on the bottom.