What is the best jersey number in baseball?

24 – Willie Mays 24 has to be the greatest number in baseball history. You can’t not have Mays as the top choice, but the greatest leadoff man ever was our honorable mention, and Ken Griffey Jr. was No. 3.

What is the most worn number in the MLB?

Number 22 has been worn the most with 864 times. The drop off after number 50 is quite interesting. About 89% of all MLB players ever* have worn number 50 or lower.

Who wore number 1 in baseball?

List of all-time retired numbers

No. Player or other figure Team
1 Ozzie Smith Cardinals
1 Richie Ashburn Phillies
1 Billy Martin Yankees
2 Red Schoendienst Cardinals

What is the best number to have in baseball?

The Best (and Worst) Baseball Jersey Numbers

  • 60 Through 99. In general, any numbers above 60 are for spring training guys—like minor leaguers and plumbers plucked out of the crowd—who have no chance of making the big squad for the regular season.
  • 69 and 70. 69 is just immature.
  • 6 and 9.

Why is Judge number 99?

Uniform. Judge has worn the unusual uniform number of 99 since it was given to him during 2016 spring training (higher numbers are often given to young players who are not expected to make the regular-season team).

Who wore number 0 in MLB?

In Major League Baseball, players are allowed to wear zero as their uniform number (yes, it’s a number. Also, it’s even). It’s rare, but it happens. Currently, there is one player in baseball who wears zero, and that’s Adam Ottavino, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies.

Can you wear number 69 in the MLB?

69 because here at SiriusXM, we’re very clever: 69: Bronson Arroyo, 2000-02 Pittsburgh Pirates: Somewhat surprisingly, only six players in Major League history have worn no. 69 (#nice), most recently A.J. Cole for the 2015 Washington Nationals.

Who Wore #2 in baseball?

Derek Jeter the outstanding long time short stop of the New York Yankees, had his number 2 retired on May 14, 2017.

What is the most popular jersey number?

23 is synonymous with many basketball stars, but NFL players love the number just as much. 28 players wear this number, and a lot of them get paid to lock up the opposition.

What is Mike Trout’s number?

27Mike Trout / Number (Los Angeles Angels / Center fielder)

Guerrero’s last game as an Angel was in 2009, Trout’s first game was in 2011. The answer to why Trout was given the #27 seems elusive.