What is the basic plot of The Canterbury Tales?

At the Tabard Inn, a tavern in Southwark, near London, the narrator joins a company of twenty-nine pilgrims. The pilgrims, like the narrator, are traveling to the shrine of the martyr Saint Thomas Becket in Canterbury. He decides that each pilgrim will tell two stories on the way to Canterbury and two on the way back.

How is The Canterbury Tales a satire?

The Canterbury Tales is a satire, which is a genre of literature that uses humor—sometimes gentle, sometimes vicious—to ridicule foolish or corrupt people or parts of society.

What is the irony of the merchant in Canterbury Tales?

So when Chaucer tells us that the Merchant was a “worthy man withal,” we can probably take that a bit ironically. In the Merchant’s Prologue, we learn that he is unhappily married to a shrewish woman who could win a fight against the devil.

What kind of poem is Canterbury Tales?


How do you quote a Canterbury tale in an essay?

If you are citing The Canterbury Tales from The Riverside Chaucer, you may replace the name of the tale with the fragment number. Hence you may cite line 1 of the Knight’s Tale as “(Knight’s Tale, 1)” or as “(I. 859)” (that is, line 859 of Fragment I).

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Why was the Canterbury Tales banned?

The collection of stories, presented as narratives being told by a group of pilgrims, was banned at a high school in Illinois for sexual content.

Is The Canterbury Tales hard to read?

In short, it’s just a bit of work and patience. There was a time that high school students in the last 2 years before university would learn to read and recite the prologue of the Canterbury Tales, or portions thereof. Once you got through that, the rest of it wasn’t all that difficult.

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Which is the best Canterbury Tale?

The Miller’s Tale. And Nicholas amydde the ers he smoot … Perhaps the most famous – and best-loved – of all of the tales in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, ‘The Miller’s Tale’ is told as a comic corrective following the sonorous seriousness of the Knight’s tale.

What is so special about the Canterbury Tales?

The Canterbury Tales is considered Chaucer’s masterpiece and is among the most important works of medieval literature for many reasons besides its poetic power and entertainment value, notably its depiction of the different social classes of the 14th century CE as well as clothing worn, pastimes enjoyed, and language/ …

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What language is The Canterbury Tales written in?


How does Chaucer view the merchant?

Chaucer says that the Merchant hides being in debt by wearing fancy clothes, but the fact that even Chaucer, a stranger among the company, knows the Merchant’s financial troubles indicates that the Merchant does not hide his secrets as well as he thinks he does.

What are three major themes in the Canterbury Tales?

Themes in The Canterbury Tales

  • Theme #1. Social Satire. Social satire is the major theme of The Canterbury Tales.
  • Theme #2. Courtly Love and Sexual Desire.
  • Theme #3. Corruption in Church.
  • Theme #4. Competition.
  • Theme #5. Christianity.
  • Theme #6. Class.
  • Theme #7. Lies and Deception.
  • Theme #8. Justice and Judgement.

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