What is the advert with the meerkat?

Compare the Meerkat is an advertising campaign on British and Australian commercial television for comparethemarket.com, a price comparison website, part of BGL Group. The adverts feature Aleksandr Orlov, a CGI anthropomorphic Russian meerkat and his family and friends.

Who is the actress in the meerkat advert?

Compare The Meerkat Advert M- Video and song details for the new Meerkat Movies TV commercial, starring actress Nicole Kidman. ‘Son of a mongoose’ – possibly the greatest line a meerkat has ever spoken.

What are the names of the meerkats in the TV advert?

Aleksandr Orlov is a CGI Russian meerkat who stands in as the main character for the Compare the Meerkat television advertisements. He is famous for his trademark squeak and catchphrase, “Simples”.

Who is Oleg meerkat?

Oleg captured the heart of the nation as the youngest member of the meerkat family. We last saw him on screens in 2014, when Aleksandr and Sergei bid farewell to the youngster in Africa, with a re-appearance alongside Ayana in the Frozen campaign in 2016 and as BB8 in the Star Wars campaign in 2017.

What nationality is Sergei meerkat?

The ads – which feature Orlov, a Russian billionaire meerkat from Moscow and his sidekick, Sergei – have run since 2009 and have been instrumental in taking the 16-year-old company from also-ran status to one of the top comparison sites in the UK.

Where is Aleksander the meerkat from?

Aleksandr Orlov is a Russian meerkat who has appeared in adverts for insurance company ComparetheMarket.com since 2009. He is voiced by Simon Greenall. Aleksandr lives in a mansion in the Russian village of Meerkovo with his sidekick Sergei, a retired IT elderly meerkat who calls him “Mr.

What nationality is Alexander meerkat?

What nationality are the meerkats on the advert?

CompareTheMarket adverts featuring meerkats with Russian accents are being pulled from news programming due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. TV adverts feature fictional wealthy Russian meerkat Aleksandr Orlov and a cast of supporting characters and have been on our television screens since 2009, reports The Mirror.