What is strobilation in Taenia?

: asexual reproduction (as in various cnidarians and tapeworms) by transverse division of the body into segments which develop into separate individuals, zooids, or proglottids.

Can cnidarians reproduce asexually?

Cnidarians reproduce both sexually and asexually. Some species can produce both eggs and sperm in the same organism. These organisms are called simultaneous hermaphrodites and release gametes into the ocean in egg-sperm bundles. Some species are also either male or female and produce either eggs or sperm.

Is the part of strobilation in tape worm?

variation of fission process and scyphostome polyps, is called strobilation. Commonly, this results in a chain, called a strobilus, of the fission products—the proglottids of tapeworms and the ephyrae of scyphozoan jellyfish; each proglottid or ephyra matures in turn and separates from the end of the strobilus.

What is the asexual way of reproduction exhibited by cnidarians called?

Cnidarians switch from the polyp to the medusa stage by a form of asexual reproduction in which the polyp develops a stack of medusoid structures that can then bud off to become independent medusae. This process is called strobilation and is depicted in Figure below.

What is strobilation give example?

Strobilation definition Asexual reproduction by division of the body into segments, as in tapeworms and jellyfish. noun. Asexual reproduction by division of the body into segments, as in tapeworms and jellyfish. noun. (biology) A form of asexual reproduction by division into body segments, as in tapeworms and jellyfish …

What is Monodisc strobilation?

Monodisc strobilation occurs when only one ephyra is produced per polyp. (C) In the coronate Linuche sp. polyps can produce planuloids via strobilation (pictured), or ephyrae (not shown). (D, E) Some scyphopolyps can produce further polyps via strobilation, as exhibited by this unidentified discomedusan polyp.

Is sea anemone a polyp or medusa?

Sea anemones are examples of the polyp forms, while jellyfish are examples of the medusa forms. In the current classification, the Cnidaria phylum is divided into two major groups, Anthozoa and Medusozoa, based on the structure of polyps and the existence of a medusa stage in the life cycles (Fig.

Is Physalia a medusa or polyp?

They are mainly found in bell-shaped medusa form. Physalia and Obelia have both polyp and medusa forms and they alternate between both forms during their life cycle. The correct option is (B). Polyp phase is absent in Aurelia.

What’s the meaning of oncosphere?

Medical Definition of oncosphere : a tapeworm embryo that has six hooks and is the earliest differentiated stage of a cyclophyllidean tapeworm. — called also hexacanth embryo.

What is Plasmotomy in biology?

plasmotomy (uncountable) (biology) A form of asexual reproduction, in protozoa, in which a multinucleate cell divides into similar daughter cells without mitosis.

What is the common name for scyphozoa?

Integrated Taxonomic Information System – Report

Common Name(s): jellyfish [English]
cup animals
méduses [French]
água viva [Portuguese]