What is standing room only at Nationals Park?

The area is just a short distance from the popular Budweiser Terrace and also features standing tables where Nats fans can sit down to enjoy their food and drink. Another location where fans with standing room only tickets can watch the game is the 200 level, near the billboard, in center field.

How much are Nationals single tickets?

You can find Nationals tickets for as low as $22.00, with an average ticket price of $54.00.

What are the best seats at Nationals stadium?

The best seats for a Washington Nationals game are located in the premium sections described below, the Lexus Presidents Club, and the PNC Diamond Club. If those seats fall out of your price range, the Club level tickets around the infield (sections 206-221) are a fantastic option as well.

How much are Nationals Club tickets?

If you have any questions, please call 202.675. NATS (6287) or email [email protected]….2022 Season Plan Pricing.

Front Row Rows B&C Rows D-L
$455/game – 1 Year Term $365/game – 1 Year Term $330/game – 1 Year Term

How can I get cheap Nationals tickets?

Just use these top 5 tips to save money on National tickets this summer.

  1. #1. Head to a Weekday Game.
  2. #2. Utilize SeatGeek’s Deal Score Feature.
  3. #3. Don’t Buy Until the Last Minute.
  4. #4. Check Out the Away Games.
  5. #5. Use The SeatGeek Promo Code.
  6. Washington Nationals Upcoming Games & Tickets. May 18 Wed ยท 6:40 PM.

How much are tickets for Fredericksburg Nats?

For the current season, Fredericksburg Nationals tickets are starting as low as $10.00, with the most expensive tickets priced at $95.00. The average price of tickets for the 2022 season is around $49.04.

Where should I sit at Washington Nationals?

Sit closer to the outside edge of the infield, especially sections 113-114 and 131-132, to avoid the protective netting. Many fans love the views from behind home plate at a baseball game, and you can find excellent ones in the front rows of sections 120-121 and 124-125 at Nationals Park.

How much are Diamond Club seats nationals?

The club spans two floors and features premium seating right off the main concourse….Full Season Plan Pricing.

PNC Diamond Club Front Row PNC Diamond Club
$160/game – 5 Year Term $145/game – 5 Year Term
$185/game – 3 Year Term $170/game – 3 Year Term

What are club level seats at Nationals Park?

Champions Club seats are located in sections 206-221 on the Mezzanine Level at Nationals Park. These seats provide ticketholders with some of the best views from behind home plate and around the infield. This is the premier place to sit for comfortable, unobstructed views of the field.

What level is Fredericksburg Nationals?

The Nationals’ system runs south to north, with each of its four teams in a different state. The Fredericksburg Nationals are at Low-A, with prospects then moving on to Wilmington, Delaware; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Rochester, New York.

Are Fred Nats Single A?

The Fredericksburg Nationals are a Minor League Baseball team that is the Single-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals. They are located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and play their home games at Virginia Credit Union Stadium, with a capacity of 5,000 people.