What is special duty assignment pay?

SDAP is a monthly special pay that is used to induce enlisted members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard* to qualify for and serve in designated assignments or specialties where the duties are extremely difficult or involve an unusual degree of responsibility.

How do I find my special duty assignments Air Force?

Airmen can also visit the Enlisted Quarterly Assignment Listing-Plus website and review the special duty catalog. For more information, visit myPers and look under Special Duty Assignment Programs on the Active Duty: Enlisted Assignments Home Page or select ‘Active Duty Enlisted’ from the dropdown menu and search ‘DSD.

Can you deny an assignment in the Air Force?

You may be required to complete the assignment or deployment if you have an active duty service commitment. If you do not have an active duty service commitment and choose to decline an assignment or 365 deployment, you must apply to separate, or if eligible, to retire.

Do Air Force recruiters get special duty pay?

Recruiters receive special duty assignment pay (SDAP – $375.00 per month). However, this pay is not designed to offset the expenses associated with living off base. SDAP is authorized and intended to attract and retain NCOs to the responsibilities of recruiting duties.

Is special duty pay permanent?

As indicated in Paragraph 13 of ALARACT 084/2021, SDAP allocations will remain in effect beyond the expiration of the ALARACT, unless they are superseded.

Is SDA pay taxed?

Federal income tax rules require retirement pay including military retirement pay to be considered for taxation. However, if you are drawing disability pay instead of standard military retirement pay, you’ll find that disability pay is commonly given a tax exempt status.

How do I apply for DSD?

To be considered DSD for nomination, Airmen must be staff, technical or master sergeants with at least four years of service remaining before they reach their high year of tenure. They require a score of 90 or above on the last fitness test, or 80 or above on the last two tests.

How does Air Force DSD work?

DSD offers a developmental career path for staff, technical, and master sergeants who serve in positions for a period of up to three or four years. The Air Force has identified 10 special duty identifiers as enlisted developmental positions due to their unique leadership roles in building the future force.

How long is an Air Force assignment?

All special duty assigned Airmen serving as MTIs, MTLs, TTIs or stateside PME instructors on or after July 1, 2019, will receive a three-year assignment.

Can you quit Air Force?

Separation from the Air Force means that you voluntarily or non-voluntarily leave military service. This applies to Active Duty, Reserves, and Guard components. You can voluntarily separate from the Air Force once your service obligation, also known as your contract, has been fulfilled.

Who is eligible for special duty assignment pay?

If you are an enlisted member who is performing duties which have been designated as extremely difficult or involving an unusual degree of responsibility in a military skill, you may be entitled to Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP).

Do Air Force special forces get paid more?

Officers make drastically more money than their enlisted counterparts, despite not collecting SDAP. The difference is largely attributed to the base pay (and also housing allowance). Of note, military retirement is calculated using a percentage of the member’s base pay. No special pays are included.