What is school zoning NZ?

School enrolment zones stop schools from getting overcrowded, and give children who live in the school area (the zone) a guarantee that they can go to their local school.

What happens if you move out of school zone NZ?

Students who live outside the zone can only go to the school if they’re selected for a place under the rules of the scheme. Out-of-zone students are selected by balloting. Schools can only adopt an enrolment scheme if this is necessary to avoid overcrowding.

How does out-of-zone ballot work?

If it is the case that the number of students applying for enrolment is larger that the number of places available for out-of-zone students, then selection of those who get to enrol will be made by ballot. The ballot involves the literal ‘pulling out of a hat’ of applicant names sufficient to fill the places available.

What is the best decile rating?

Decile 1 schools are the 10% of schools with the highest proportion of students from low socio-economic communities. Decile 10 schools are the 10% of schools with the lowest proportion of students from these communities. However, a decile doesn’t indicate the overall socio-economic mix of the students at a school.

What does low decile school mean?

Deciles are used to provide funding to state and state-integrated schools to enable them to overcome the barriers to learning faced by students from lower socio-economic communities. The lower the school’s decile, the more funding they receive.

What is the speed limit in a school zone in New Zealand?

a 40km/h
A school speed zone slows traffic and increases driver awareness of the presence of children. This helps to reduce the risk of crashes around schools. School speed zones are in force throughout Auckland with a 40km/h speed limit in operation on school days.

When can you start school NZ?

five years old
In the majority of schools, your child can start school on the day they turn five years old (they don’t have to wait until the start of a new school year). However, some schools have a policy of starting children at school together as a group at the start of each term (cohort entry).

How do I find my school decile rating?

You can ask the school or look up a school’s decile rating using the Ministry’s School Directory school finder tool – the decile rating is listed with each school’s information.

Is 4th decile good?

The higher your place in the decile rankings, the higher your overall ranking. For example, if you were in the 99th percentile for a particular test, that would put you in the decile ranking of 10….What is a Decile?

Decile Rank Percentile
3 30th
4 40th
5 50th
6 60th