What is Santa Catarina known for?

Quiet beaches, popular surfing spots, breathtaking bike trails and a boisterous annual Oktoberfest are some of the features of this small state in Brazil’s South Region. Enjoy typical Brazilian tourist attractions, such as beaches, mountain scenery and water sports, in Santa Catarina.

Who was Santa Catarina?

The territory of Santa Catarina is one of the oldest states in Brazil, separated from São Paulo in 1738, its first governor being José da Silva Pais….Santa Catarina (state)

Santa Catarina Estado de Santa Catarina
Named for Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Capital Florianópolis
• Governor Carlos Moisés (Republicanos)

What language does Santa Catarina speak?

Nowadays, the German influence in the State of Santa Catarina is still very strong. Many towns still have many parts of the German culture. For example, Pomerode is a small town where 90% of the people are German-Brazilian. Most of the people speak German fluently.

Where is Catarina Brazil?

Santa Catarina, southern coastal estado (state) of Brazil, bounded to the north by the state of Paraná, to the south by the state of Rio Grande do Sul, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west by Misiones province of Argentina. It is one of the smaller Brazilian states.

Who is Santa in Brazil?

Santa is known as Papai Noel and Bom Velhinho (Good Old Man) in Brazil, and while he is delivering presents in the southern hemisphere he changes into his lighter weight Santa suit.

Is Santa Catarina Brazil Tropical?

The state of Santa Catarina, located in the southern part of Brazil, has a type of humid sub-tropical climate with rainfall well distributed throughout the year, with not too high variations in seasonal temperatures and with four well-defined seasons, the winters are cold especially in the highlands.

What is Christmas in Brazil called?

Brazil is highly influenced by Portuguese culture and tradition and this can also be seen in Christmas tradition, In Brazil Christmas is known as Dia de festas, it is celebrated on 25 December every year.