What is Raktamokshana therapy?

Raktamokshana Definition Raktamokshana is an effective blood purification therapy, in which carefully controlled removal of small quantities of blood is conducted to neutralise accumulated Pitta toxins of many blood-borne diseases.

What is Raktamokshana in Ayurveda?

Raktamokshana derives its name from Rakta meaning ‘blood’ and mokshana meaning ‘liberation’. This treatment literally ‘releases’ impure blood from the system.

How many types of Raktamokshana karma are there?

type of the Raktamokshana which comes under the Pancha karma. According to Ayurveda there are two types of treatment procedures. 1) Santarpana or brimhana (nourishing therapy) and 2)Apatarpana or langhana (depleting therapy). of two types, sodhana chikitsa (purifactory therapy) and samana chikitsa (palliative therapy).

What is Ayurveda Agnikarma?

‘Agni karma’, also known as ‘dahan karma’, is a process used in Ayurveda for various benign diseases that are characterised by pain or bleeding. In this process, the heated rods of gold, silver, iron, copper and pancha dhatu (five metals) are applied directly on the skin at the affected site.

How do you flush Pitta from your body?

Keep food simple and increase levels of fresh fruit and vegetables whilst hydrating with cooling juices and herbal teas. Herbs that are beneficial to the pitta dosha are those which are characteristically cooling, cleansing and anti-inflammatory.

What is Jalaukavacharana?

Jalaukavacharana is a type of Raktamokshana where leeches are used for bloodletting. This is considered as the most effective and most unique method of Raktamokshana as vitiated Doshas are removed from the body without using any cutting instruments, so, Raktamokshana by means of ‘Leech’ comes under Ashastra category.

Is Agnikarma painful?

Improperly performed Agnikarma will lead to severe burning sensation, increased pain, destruction of tissue, suppuration, bleeding, non healing ulcer formation etc.

What is Agni rasayana?

Agni Rasayana, Cancer Treatment, Cannabis sativa, CBD, Curcumin, Endocannabinoid system, Semicarpus anacardium, THC, Withania somnifera. Cancer is caused due to the mutation in the cells, which divide uncontrollably, so as to form an abnormal mass of cells inside the body.

What is pitta personality?

Pitta personalities are perfectionists, have strong intellect, strong digestion, are radiant, have glowing skin, sleep through the night and have inner peace and happiness.

What body part is pitta?

The main location of pitta in the body are the small intestines, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, blood and eyes. It is known to provide heat and energy to the body through the breakdown of complex food molecules and governs all the processes related to conversion and transformation throughout the mind and body.