What is Muselk?

Muselk is an Australian YouTuber and a former Twitch live streamer. He is best known for posting gaming videos on his YouTube channel titled Muselk. He specializes in games such as Overwatch, Fortnite, Garry’s Mods, Rainbow Six Siege and Star Wars Battlefront, to name a few.

Who is Muselk fortnite?

Elliott Watkins
Elliott Watkins (born: November 22, 1994 (1994-11-22) [age 27]), better known online as Muselk (or MrMuselk), is an Australian gaming YouTuber based in Sydney, New South Wales.

Does Muselk swear?

He does occasionally swear in his videos – so just watch out for this.

Why did click break up?

“It just didn’t feel like the Click House to us anymore, and if it didn’t feel like the Click House then why were we doing it in the first place,” Loserfruit said. “Basically, we realized that it just wasn’t useful [to be in the same house], because we could still make Click videos and not live in the same house.

How old is fresh?

age 20

Name Harley Fresh
Country of Birth Australia
Birthday March 5, 2002 (age 20)
Est. Net Worth Unknown

Is Lazarbeam still in click?

He currently lives with them as well as other users in a YouTuber group known as the Click. Bazza, Crayator, Mully, Mrfreshasian, Tannar, Lufu, Lazarbeam, and Muselk are all members of the group, and are all gaming YouTubers/streamers who gained a lot of popularity from their Fortnite content.

Is Muselk still friends with click?

Sadly, they recently broke up. Loserfruit even posted on her YouTube why she was leaving Click. Muselk explains in the show why things went haywire in the Click House. “It got to a point where everyone lost a bit of that excitement for making the content.

How old is Loserfruit?

29 years (February 22, 1993)Loserfruit / Age

How old is Sypherpk?

age 26

Name Ali Hassan
Country of Birth United States
Birthday May 10, 1996 (age 26)
Height 6 ft.5 (195.58 cm)

Is JoshDub a click?

Now, through Click Management, Mully, JoshDub, EddieVR, Your Narrator and Juicy have teamed up to develop ‘The Boys’ – a brand that will bring all their personalities together under one roof in a range of games, skits, podcasts and challenges.

Who created click?

Bazza Gazza
Bazza Gazza He started YouTube in late 2015, and started his twitter early February, 2014.

Is Lachlan in click?

Click was an Australian YouTube group consisting of Muselk, Loserfruit, Crayator, Bazza Gazza, LazarBeam, Tannar, Fresh and Mully. They did vlogs and challenges on there. The group started on September 2018, with then Prestige Clips and Lachlan.