What is materiel development decision?

A Materiel Development Decision (MDD) is a point in time where the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) analysis has identified a capability gap/need and an MDD Review has determined a materiel solution is needed.

What is the purpose of an MDD?

The MDD is the mandatory entry point into the major capability acquisition process and is informed by a validated requirements document (e.g., an initial capabilities document (ICD) or equivalent) and the completion of the analysis of alternatives (AoA) study guidance and the AoA study plan.

What is the role of the ICD at the materiel development decision?

Purpose of the Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) The ICD guides the Concept Refinement and Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction (TD) Phase of the Defense Acquisition System and supports the Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) and the Milestone A decision. Once approved, the ICD is not updated.

What is the adaptive acquisition framework?

The Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) supports the Defense Acquisition System with the objective of delivering effective, suitable, survivable, sustainable, and affordable solutions to the end-user in a timely manner.

What happens in the material solution analysis phase?

In the MSA phase, the program conducts the analyses and other activities needed to finalize the concept of operations for the program product, refine the requirements, and conduct planning to support a decision on the acquisition strategy for the product.

How do you deal with MDD?

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How do you diagnose MDD?

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Who can initiate a CBA?

Who can initiate a Capability Based-Assessment (CBA)? Any Department of Defense (DoD) Organization. If an initial Capabilities Document is developed, which of the following solutions does the Capabilities-Based Assessment (CBA) support?

What is the DoD 5000?

DoDD 5000.01 is the overarching directive that describes the principles governing the acquisition process and emphasizes six main tenets of acquisition implemented via the Adaptive Acquisition Framework.

What is a DoD acquisition program?

“Production of major defense acquisition program” means the production and deployment of a major system that is intended to achieve an operational capability that satisfies mission needs, or an activity otherwise defined as Milestone C under Department of Defense Instruction 5000.02 or related authorities.

What is the focus of sustainment operations during materiel solution analysis phase?

Sustainment planning during MSA includes determining the capabilities and major constraints (e.g., cost, schedule, available technologies) that inform the acquisition strategy and program structure for both the system design and its sustainment.

What is a material solution?

The Materiel Solution Analysis (MSA) Phase assesses potential solutions for a needed capability in an Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) and satisfies the phase-specific Entrance Criteria for the next program milestone designated by the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA).

What is a Materiel Development decision?

Materiel Development Decision. The MDD is a review with acquisition executives and program stakeholders serving as the entry point into the acquisition lifecycle. The MDD creates a prime opportunity to infuse Agile practices at the start of a program and position it for success with buy-in from the major stakeholders.

What does the Defense Acquisition Board advise the DAE on?

The Defense Acquisition Board will advise the DAE on critical acquisition decisions when the DAE, or designee, is the MDA. The DAE or designee will chair the Defense Acquisition Board. Similar procedures will be established at the DoD Component level for use by other MDAs.

What is tmrr phasedevelopment RFP release decision pm?

TMRR PhaseDevelopment RFP Release Decision PM provides: The business approach and incentives to provide max value to gov’t and treat industry fairly Confirms risk has been or will be adequately reduced prior to committing to EMD award (program structure, content, schedule executable within approved funding)