What is Knap tactic?

From what I see and know about the Knap tactics, they are just generally designed around what works extremely well in the game engine, and focuses on abusing certain patterns to great effect. Same how people use the ‘near post’* trick to score more corners than usual.

What is the best tactic FM 21?

Best FM 2021 Tactics: Knaps BEOWULF 4-4-2

  • Tested with: Newcastle.
  • Formation: 4-4-2.
  • Style: Direct, Attacking.
  • Points: 2.67 per game.
  • Goals scored: 4.13 per game.
  • Conceded: 1.46 per game.
  • Rating:
  • Full Review & Download: Click here.

Where do I put my FM21 tactics?

Cut and paste the downloaded tactic file from the Downloads section of Windows Explorer to the FM 21 tactics folder. The file should be a “. fmf” file. Once it is in the folder, close Explorer and launch FM 21.

How do you counter 5221?

How do you counter an opponent’s 5221 formation? 23 members have voted

  1. Use my normal formation (4231 / 4141 / 433)
  2. Use my normal formation (other)
  3. Change to a high pressing (352 / variation of 352)
  4. Change to another formation (other)
  5. Other / depends / don’t know.

How do you beat a better football team?

How to Play Against a Better Team

  1. Keep a positive attitude. Sometimes the game is lost even before it is played.
  2. Solidarity – no surrender! If the opposition is better than you then it’s going to be an onslaught.
  3. Mark man for man.
  4. Keep talking.
  5. Don’t forget about attacking.
  6. Don’t lose your discipline.
  7. Rolling it out.

What is the best tactic in fm21?

How do you use FM tactics?

After starting the game, go to the Tactics tab; Click on the plus to add a new tactic, then select Load Tactic; This will open the folder to which you copied the new tactic – load it.

Is 523 a good formation?

Very good against narrow formations – the 523 formation has the ability to overload the wings very easily which means that it’s good against narrow formations as they have little defence on the wings.