What is Karina Lombard doing now?

She resides in Venice, California. She is known for roles in such films as “Wide Sargasso Sea”, “The Firm” with Tom Cruise, and “Legends of the Fall” opposite Brad Pitt, and television roles on such series as “The L Word”, “NCIS”, “CSI”, “Rescue Me”, and others.

What nationality is Karina Lombard?

Karina Lombard/Nationality

Who plays Isabel 2?

Karina Lombard
Karina Lombard: Isabel Two.

What is Louise Lombard doing today?

Louise Lombard is an English actress. She currently portrays Trish Daniels in the romance drama film, “After We Collided”.

How many languages does Karina Lombard speak?

One result of Lombard’s scattered upbringing is that she speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

Where is Marina from The L Word from?

Marina. Karina – who you may remember from her role in Legends of the Fall – was born January 21, 1969 in Tahiti.

What happened to Isabel in Legends of the Fall?

Isabel Two is accidentally killed by a police officer working for the O’Banions. In a fit of grief, Tristan beats the officer nearly to death and is jailed. Susannah visits Tristan, still having feelings for him, but he refuses her advances.

Who is Isabel Two in Legends of the Fall?

Karina Lombard as Isabel Two, named after Col. Ludlow’s wife, who’s wanted to marry Tristan since she was a kid.

What happened to House of Elliot?

Apparently the series came to an end because the sets and costumes were destroyed by a fire and were too expensive to replace.

Why did Louise Lombard leave CSI?

She played Special Agent Lara Macy in charge of the NCIS Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, there was negative audience reaction to Macy and as such, Lombard was dropped from the series with Macy being killed off prior to season 7 episode 23 “Patriot Down”.

Does Marina come back?

Marina returns to the show as a guest star in the fourth season, stirring up trouble for Jenny then disappearing. It is unclear whether she will be a fixture or not in the new season. Marina was only a main character on the first season of the show, and thus only has the one image.

How old is Karina Lombard from Rescue Me?

Karina Lombard. Lombard in 2011 at the Cabourg Film Festival. Karina Lombard (born January 21, 1969) is a French-American actress and singer. She has appeared in projects such as the Showtime series The L Word, The 4400, Rescue Me, and Legends of the Fall.

Who are Karina Lombard’s parents?

Karina Lombard was born in Tahiti, the youngest of five children. Her four older siblings are named Helene, Ines, Charles and Denise. Her mother is Polynesian. Her father, Henri Lombard, is of Swiss-Russian and Italian descent. Karina lived all over Europe as a child, including in Spain for a period of time, with her father and siblings.

What is Karina Lombard famous for?

Karina Lombard. Karina Lombard is an actor, screenwriter and director. She is known for memorable roles in both film and television and has costarred opposite some of the biggest box office stars in the world.

What has Jennifer Lombard been in since the L Word?

In the 2000s Lombard moved into television, appearing in The 4400 and on the first season of The L Word, as restaurateur Marina Ferrer. She portrayed the recurring character Geneviève on FX ‘s Rescue Me. In November 2016, Lombard portrayed Shawnee chief Nonhelema in the episode “Stranded” of the NBC TV series Timeless.