What is Jimmy Page wiring?

It’s a complex and super-flexible wiring scheme for guitars equipped with a pair of 4-conductor humbuckers that are each connected to a set of volume and tone controls. This has become a famous Les Paul mod and, in this context, it’s widely known as the “Jimmy Page” wiring.

How is a Telecaster wired?

In a Telecaster, one lead gets soldered to the middle terminal of the tone control and the other lead gets grounded. Your switchcraft jack has two terminals – a ground and a live/hot. Take 15cm of black cloth wire and solder it to the ground lug (the inner ring is always the ground on a jack).

Do telecasters need a ground wire?

it’s not totally needed, telecaster bridge pickups have an iron backplate that is coper plated, the screws will ground it.

How does a 4-way switch work for Telecaster?

4-Way Switching For Your Tele. We get asked about 4-Way Switching a lot. It’s a simple mod that when added to your Telecaster, puts your pickups in Series, instead of Parallel. You can get a pretty beefy tone with both pickups on like this, and it adds a new dimension to your favorite guitar.

Are Telecaster pickups wired in series or parallel?

On a stock Tele, the pickups are connected in parallel when you use them together, but if you run them in series instead, the resulting output is hotter and louder, and this makes it much easier to drive your amp into saturation. If you’re craving burly Tele tones, series wiring will deliver.

How high should Telecaster pickups be?


Bass Side Treble Side
Vintage style 6/64″ (2.4 mm) 5/64″ (2 mm)
Noiseless™ Series 8/64″ (3.6 mm) 6/64″ (2.4 mm)
Standard Single-Coil 5/64″ (2 mm) 4/64″ (1.6 mm)
Humbuckers 4/64″ (1.6 mm) 4/64″ (1.6 mm)