What is Global Grid forums?

The OGF developes standards for grid computing and cloud computing, such as the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI , the Job Submission Description Language (JSDL) or the Simple API for Grid Applications (SAGA) .

What do you mean by Ogsi?

The Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI) was published by the Global Grid Forum (GGF) as a proposed recommendation in June 2003. It was intended to provide an infrastructure layer for the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA).

Who developed Ogsa?

The concept of OGSA is derived from work presented in the 2002 Globus Alliance paper “The Physiology of the Grid” by Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman, Jeffrey M. Nick, and Steven Tuecke. It was developed by GGF working groups which resulted in a document, entitled The Open Grid Services Architecture, Version 1.5 in 2006.

How are Ogsa and Ogsi related to each other?

We could say that OGSA (the definition) is the blueprints the architect creates to show what the building looks like, OGSI (the specification) is the structural design that the engineer creates to support the architect’s vision for the building, and GT3 is the bricks, cement, and beams used to build the building to the …

What is Ogsa in cloud computing?

Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) is a set of standards defining the way in which information is shared among diverse components of large, heterogeneous grid systems. In this context, a grid system is a scalable wide area network (WAN) that supports resource sharing and distribution.

What are the objectives of OGSA?

The goal of OGSA is to standardize practically all the services one finds in a grid application (job management services, resource management services, security services, etc.) by specifying a set of standard interfaces for these services.

What are the major goals of osga?

The major OGSA goals are:

  • Identify the use cases that can drive the OGSA platform components.
  • Identify and define the core OGSA platform components.
  • Define hosting and platform-specific bindings.
  • Define resource models and resource profiles with interoperable solutions.

What are the major goals of OGSA?

What are the components of Ogsi?

Ogsa ogsi service elements and layered model

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  •  There are two main logical components of OGSA: (i) the Web-services-plus- OGSI layer, and (ii) the OGSA-architected services layer.
  • The structure of OGSA architected services.
  •  Grid Core Services.

What are grid services?

Grid Services and Inverters. Grid operators manage electricity supply and demand on the electric system by providing a range of grid services. Grid services are activities grid operators perform to maintain system-wide balance and manage electricity transmission better.

What is a grid service?

A Grid Service is a Web Service which conforms to a set of conventions (interfaces and behaviours) that define how a client interacts with a Grid service.